11-30-15 Black Cat Monday

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Hey, remember how last week I told y’all about the new cat who has started showing up around here, and races off the instant he sees a human? I managed to get some pictures of him. They’re not the best, since I had to use my long lens through the (not very clean) windows of the side door, but you definitely can see how floofy he is.

Walking from the old chicken yard to the feeding station.

Checking out the bowl.

I’m itching to get my hands on him; I think he could use a good brushing.

Rolling around on the warm concrete of the driveway.

Fred tried taking a plate of food out to him, but of course the instant the cat saw him, off he went. He’s still not showing up at any particular time – his visits are random, and we might see him a couple of times one day and then not again for a week. It’s hard to tell, because of the floof, but I think he’s in pretty good shape. It’s possible he belongs to someone around here, but no one we’ve talked to knows who he is. So we’ll see if Fred can’t get him tamed, and go from there.

I think I mentioned that we’re calling him Fancypants, because he looks so much like our long-gone Mister Fancypants.


Naturally, as soon as I told y’all that Maxi has started spending a lot of time in the garage, she changed her ways. Now she’s spending her days…

…on Fred’s desk, giving everyone the flat, dead Tony Soprano eyes.

Pausing to give Fred the eyes of lurve.

“You tawkin’ to me?”


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11-30-15 Black Cat Monday — 25 Comments

  1. First Kara ventures farther indoors, and now Maxi is offering key office support. Hooray! Here’s hoping that Fred can establish an entente cordiale with Fancipants soon. Until then, may the boy get lots to eat. And the 2005 entry made me laugh and then tear up. Sublimely caught and captioned, Robyn.

  2. It would be cool is Fancypants 2.0 was female, you could call her Miss Fancypants.

    I love that Maxi spends more time indoors. She’s the old lady of the house now.

  3. The new arrival is gorgeous — real possibility someone dropped him. People see cats around a place, think they will take in a stray…and drop them. Usually it’s because they don’t want to pay for neuter/spay, but sometimes other reasons. Awful! It happens here in the city, but much more often when I lived in the country. Good luck with the newbie.

    • Yeah, apparently people see the field across the street and think the cat they’re dumping will run free – OR they see the cats at our house and figure we’ll take care of the cat. Which we end up doing, of course! Grrr.

  4. Hello Miz Robyn! 🙂
    I was wondering whether you could manage to get from Kathie a few recent pictures of Skinny Pete, Badger and Combo: they are certainly doing great, and they must have become grown, gorgeous kittens by now!

    • I actually just emailed last week with Kathie about them. She said that they’re going for their spaying and neutering this week (I think) and that she’d try to get some pictures. I’m planning on going to Petsmart to see them when there’s room for them to go, so hopefully I can get some pictures, too.

  5. Fancypants is quite the looker!!!

    Ok, this is for everyone out there. I have been working on a Secret Santa thingy with a friend here in FL for the shelter we volunteer at. I recommend this to anyone. What we did was make a FaceBook Event page and invited people and they invite people and so on. SO, with a list of all the shelter Animals with their ID#, age, breed and date arrived at shelter, people sign up to be a Secret Santa. They pick dog(s) or cat(s) or both. We assign them with their picture and info right in their request post/comment. They go shopping for the pet and can drop it off or mail it into the shelter with the animal’s name and FOJA (Friend’s of Jacksonville Animals) written on it. We have listed in our Event what is suggested as gifts. We did have a disclaimer that if an animal is adopted (best Christmas gift ever) or transferred, their gift would be adored and loved by another dog/cat that is just entering the “system”. Anyway, we have had tremendous success. We have kept a spreadsheet of who is Santa for which pet so we can send thank you’s and we plan on posting pictures of the pets and gifts. There is also an option to just mail in a cash/check donation. We even had someone from Ontario send a check. It is probably a bit late to start it for this year, but keep it in your bonnets for next year. I would be happy to answer any questions (and warn about pitfalls). Just ask!!!

      • Robyn, the excitement for the people that it generates is outstanding. It is soooo different than saying, “Hey, donate please.” I invited ALL of my FB friends so you should have gotten an invite. Go check out our event for ideas. Under your events it should start off with Friends Of Jacksonville Animals…..blah blah…Secret Santa. We have about 300 “going”, 56 “maybe” and 3.9 K “invited”. Now, I sure would love a bigger piece of that 3.9K, but more people are “going” every day!!!!

        • Oh, and many people say “2 dogs, please” or “a dog and a cat”…one person said “5 dogs and 5 cats”!!!!

  6. If you manage to tame “Fancy Pants” you might consider officially naming him after the original Norse hero they used for “The Vikings” – we had a black cat with his name long before the series and he looked a great deal like Fancy Pants.

    The name would be Ragnar Hairy-Breaches which is what Ragnar “Lodbroke” means but they just never mention that in the series. Ragnar seems to have been famous for his “hairy trousers” and has been a popular name for fluffy legged cats among history buffs for ages.

    I’ve known two Norwegian forest cats by that name, at least and they both predate the TV series..

  7. The new black cat is beautiful! I’m curious about how you would go about brushing him. I have a cat who looks very much like this one. He fights me about gettimg brushed (combed), so he ends up going to the vet for a lion cut so he doesn’t have to deal with matted fur and such. Do you and Fred have any suggestions?

    • I’m going to include this in Friday’s post so that others can chime in with suggestions, but I have to admit that my plan was just to go after him with the Furminator. Which doesn’t always work, I know!

    • I wish I’d gotten a better picture of him rolling around on the driveway, he was completely on his back at one point!