12-1-15 Tuesday

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We have an update on a former foster mama Khaleesi!

Alton says:

This year M had stuff to do in the lab on Wednesday and Friday of Thanksgiving week so we converged on her place in Auburn. Khaleesi was mildly put out by having her space invaded, but we made up for it with Turkey. I didn’t get a photo of it, but Khaleesi was drawn to the turkey like we pulled her with a magnet. When we caught her sneaking up on it, she gave us a look that said, “I live with a vegetarian. At least let me smell.” After dinner even she needed a nap.

When we were getting ready to leave on Saturday, we couldn’t find Khaleesi. M looked for a few minutes and said “She’s on the shopping bag that she killed and dragged off to her lair.”

Me: “Huh?!?”

M: “One day when I was putting away groceries, Khaleesi pounced a reusable bag, shook it a few times, and dragged it under the bed in the spare bedroom. She goes and lays on it sometimes.”

It’s a terrible picture, with bad lighting, but the Mother of Dragons is still adorable.

That picture of Khaleesi with her “kill” made me laugh out loud. Thanks for the update, Alton, you know we love seeing her happy little face!


It was very rainy here yesterday, and in a reverse of how it usually is:

Alice spent the day in one of the houses outside, glaring at the rain.

And Kara spent the day curled up in the front room (naturally I didn’t get a shot of her curled up on the heated bed – as soon as she saw me, she had to run over to get some love).


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12-1-15 Tuesday — 10 Comments

  1. Alton, thank you soooo much for the update on Khaleesi. She is just soooo beautiful. So glad she got some turkey!!!

    What the heck is going on in the Anderson household??? Alice outside, Kara inside!!!! The world must be coming to an end!!!! LOL

  2. How appropriate is it that the Mother of Dragons have a “lair”? LOL

    Thanks so much for that Khaleesi update, Alton! We really do love her mega-bunches and getting news about her shenanigans always makes me happy because it’s clear she’s being adored (as she should be).

    There should be a calendar of just the Crooked Acres Grumpy Girls! Each large photo of them looking annoyed could also contain a smaller inset photo of them looking all happy & cute for comparison purposes.

    • We love going to visit Khaleesi (the Daughter’s OK, too) because she’s super personable. The idea that the dragged some “prey” back to her lair was not really surprising. She has a bit of a wild streak.

  3. I know I say it every time that you post a Sheriff Mama picture but I love her fuzzy face and the murder in her eyes look. 🙂