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Sights from around Crooked Acres.

2011-12-01 (1)
Anyone know what kind of bugs these are? If I’ve ever seen them before, the memory has been wiped right off my brain, so I need to know again. What ARE they? Anyone?

2011-12-01 (22)

2011-12-01 (23)

2011-12-01 (24)

2011-12-01 (25)

2011-12-01 (26)

2011-12-01 (27)
Observant George is observant.

2011-12-01 (2)
Mama hen and her chicks.

2011-12-01 (3)
White Silkie likes to teach her babies how to roost on the branches under the big tree.

2011-12-01 (5)
Quick learner.

2011-12-01 (4)

2011-12-01 (15)
Pretty rooster.

2011-12-01 (16)
Another rooster. They’re so pretty, it’s too bad too many of them is a bad thing!

2011-12-01 (17)
Pretty little zombie hen.

2011-12-01 (18)
This is George, one of the few chickens I know by sight these days. She was so curious as a little chick that I named her George, and the name stuck.

2011-12-01 (19)
Girrrrrrl, I think you need some lotion on those feet!

2011-12-01 (7)
Hens, enjoying the sunshine.

2011-12-01 (8)
“I seem to have this feather stuck to my beak and no way to get it off. Give me a beak here, sister?”

2011-12-01 (9)
“I’ll take that as a ‘no.'”

2011-12-01 (10)
Since we had some water in the pond, we thought it would be a good idea to herd the ducks out there so they could go for a swim.

They did not care to be herded. We’re just lucky that the four of them stick tightly together – if they’d scattered in separate directions, there’s no way we would have gotten them out to the pond. We finally did, though…

2011-12-01 (11)
They were not as enthusiastic as we’d hoped.

2011-12-01 (12)
They got in, paddled around for PERHAPS 30 seconds.

2011-12-01 (13)
One of the girls flung a little water around.

2011-12-01 (14)
And then they were like “Okay, we SWAM. Can we go back home, now??”

Later, Fred went out to find that the ducks had gotten into the pig yard and were all four crammed into a tiny puddle of water. It’s like they said “I think that pond was this way!”, and tried to get back to the pond, but ended up in the pig yard.

We tried again to herd them out to the pond a couple of nights ago, but it was raining and muddy and we weren’t having any luck, so we gave up. I’m thinking our best bet is to start slowly moving their pool out toward the pond so that they get used to going out in that direction.

2011-12-01 (20)
I think the boy ducks are pretty.

2011-12-01 (21)
But I think the girl ducks are prettier.

Last week, at the end of a rainy day, we had a rainbow.

2011-12-01 (29)

2011-12-01 (31)
Panoramic view (a little badly stitched together there at the top).

2011-12-01 (32)
Another panoramic, without the top part (still getting the hang of the panoramic feature, obviously).

2011-12-01 (30)
DOUBLE RAINBOW! What does it MEAN?! So intense!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

2011-12-01 (34)
Pretty Patty on the cat tree in the guest bedroom.

2011-12-01 (33)
Snoozin’ Chuckles.

2011-12-01 (28)
They sure do like that cat bed!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Maxi spends most of her time on the front porch these days, hanging out in the heated cat house (it’s got a heated bed in the house). If you open the door and go out there, she runs out to greet you.

2011-12-01 (35)

2011-12-01 (36)
Then she stretches and sharpens her claws on the welcome mat.

I know I’ve mentioned that Maxi has her own theme song. Here it is, interpreted by the Talking Tom app on my iPod Touch. It would only be more perfect if Talking Tom did jazz paws at the end.

YouTube link

Why, yes. Yes I AM far too amused by myself!


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12-1-11 — 13 Comments

  1. Was the pot of gold at rainbow’s end(s) at Crooked Acres? The cats must think so!!
    Thanks for the sights of the week.

  2. I think the bugs are ladybug larvae, too. How can anything so gross turn into something so cute?

    Your ducks are probably used to small containers of water. I hope they will eventually use the pond and enjoy it.

  3. You can send the pic along with the date you took the pic and your general location to “Whats that Bug?” and they should be able to get you a answer.

  4. Oh my word, that series of duck pictures totally cracked me up!!! Especially the last picture… there’s just something about the way they’re marching right on out of that pond on their orange feetses that is SO funny, right?!! I’m gonna look at that whenever I need a laugh 🙂

  5. LOLOL, the mini-vid cracked me UP! Very cute!! I often provide the voices and expressions for my two boys… ya know, cuz I’m sure that’s what they would WANT me to do… boys, yer welcome…

  6. Hey Robyn – Have you ever tried the K&H Outdoor Heated Kitty Camper? http://www.amazon.com/gp/offer-listing/B001AZSRD6/ref=dp_olp_used?ie=UTF8&condition=used The neighborhood kitty (she’s about 2 years old and floats between neighbors – and one takes her to the vet when needed) is spending more and more time with me and sleeps on my porch a lot. Now that the temperature is dropping at night, I worry that the makeshift tent I made her on my rocking chair is inadequate. I’m thinking if I buy the camper I won’t be tempted to bring her in at night and upset Jinx and Trixie (who cry and shoot “eyes of het” at me through the windows when I sit with Stalker in my lap!).

  7. You’re all wrong, I will tell you exactly what those bugs are.. “Totally Gross”, that’s what they are! Icky bugs! lol I’m afraid I’d run away screaming if I saw those things anywhere near my house. The fact that ladybugs get inside my house this time of year, and knowing that they came from something like that…. ok, it’s time to move!!
    The ducks are great, love the attitude of ‘we’re not going in there because you made us so we will go in the pig puddle because you don’t want us to!’
    The video is fantastic, I’ve already played it half a dozen times!

  8. Ok, so I’m a little slow catching up with comments. You know what the bugs are by now but i reckon the look like gold spotted jewellery beetles. cool huh? Yeah, i made that up…it’s just they looked like they had gold bits on them to me. and not ugly at all. maybe like those mechanical alien things the stargate folks had to fight but…
    and as for it being the 1st, you have to stand at the foot of your bed and spin anti-clockwise tree times whilst saying ‘rabbit, rabbit, rabbit’. you just do.
    did you run to the end of the rainbow and dig up the pot(s) of gold? well, why not?
    the duck tale made me laugh. silly duckies!
    Maxi’s theme song is excellent and yes, jazz hands would really make it extra spesh!