12-2-15 Wednesday

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Sue mentioned in the comments to Monday’s post that our new Fancypants looks like their cat Cosby, who came from Challenger’s House last year.

I remembered seeing Cosby more than once, so I went back to look, and indeed I DO have a picture of him!

Below is Fancypants, the cat who has started showing up around here.

And this is Cosby, from July of 2014.

And while we’re looking at gorgeously floofy black cats, here’s Kate, mother to the Royals litter, from May 2013.

Are those some gorgeously floofy kitties, or what?


I bought this shark bed/shelter back in October at the suggestion of a friend. When it arrived, I unwrapped it and put it in a corner of the computer room. The cats ignored it for a while, and I was on the verge of moving it* when Archie “discovered” it.

And then Jake.

They aren’t using it nonstop, but it’s definitely getting used, so I may move it to a less secluded place and see if it gets even more use!

Speaking of Jake, I took these pictures of him through the window the other day, and thought he looked particularly loonified.

*If you buy a bed or a shelter or scratcher that your cats refuse to use, the very first thing you should do is move it to another location. And if they won’t use it there, move it again. Sooner or later, you’ll probably find a location that your cats like, and they’ll wonder what took you so long to put it in the perfect spot for them. Just make sure you don’t put it somewhere that you aren’t willing to leave it for a while, or possibly even forever!


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12-2-15 Wednesday — 8 Comments

  1. Thank you for the picture of Cosby you should see him now. happy and owns the house.

    Sue Joslin

  2. Is that a bit of a tongue on Cosby’s picture?

    And is it just me or is Jake gaining weight? He’s starting to get the Elwood shape…

  3. Jake in the shark bed…LOL…definitely cooking up some looniness there! Love black cats and those kitties are gorgeous. One of the kittens at Petsmart is black and so sleek and has the prettiest dark gold eyes. And I’m owned by two crazy black cats so I’m a big fan.

  4. I’ve found it takes a while for my cat to warm up to anything new. Perhaps the new smell is too strong? Since I live in a small apartment, moving the bed location isn’t an option.

  5. So glad that the comments are working today.

    I so wanted to comment on the Mother of Dragons yesterday and dragging her prey to her lair.

    She has SUCH a good life. Lack of roasted turkey aside.