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I love the look on Molly’s face. She’s SO disgusted by Jethro, who is laying there kneading and purring because I was talking to him. Imagine her disgust when I actually pet him!

TC takes her DOWN.

Then he readies his slappin’ paw while she’s looking elsewhere.

But he’s too slow, because she’s really fast with that ninja foot!

Somehow, he gets past her ninja foot. She’s not too disturbed, though, because she captured his tail and is prepared to bite it off.

Molly playing, while Jethro looks on.

TC’s little teef just kill me. Also, Jethro’s doing his “Whoa. Am I falling over backward again?”

TC’s turn to totter over backward.


TC playing, while Molly looks on.

I love her orange striped leg.

These three are off for their testing and spaying/neutering in a little while! I’m going to drop them off and come straight home to scrub down the foster room. I haven’t had a chance to really clean their room since I brought them home (I didn’t want to terrorize them with the vacuum cleaner, so I’ve been sweeping instead, which really doesn’t do the job as well), so it’ll be nice to be able to. Then they’ll come home this evening and race around like nothing happened! It will be a very productive day, I predict.


Who, oh who, could be inspiring that look of love and devotion on Stinkerbelle’s gorgeous face? Who, I ask?

Just being near Tommy (who refused to look at me for this picture) makes that girl so happy.


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12-2-14 — 18 Comments

  1. It is just wonderful that Stinkerbelle has found such a great home, understanding humans that provide her with the finest kitchen cupboards as a habitat and a Tommy to adore. What are the odds for a cat to stumble upon such a home?

  2. *We interrupt your regularly scheduled program with the following* Just wanted to let you all know that Groupon has what seems to me to be an excellent price/deal on canvas prints today: http://www.groupon.com/deals/canvas-on-sale-atlanta?p=1&utm_source=newsletter&utm_medium=email&sid=f2d4cd88-f819-4ce1-b44c-8018c6820330&division=atlanta&user=4332ed420e4650be7d8842b6330138bd6831be49a25b8993845870af76984dea&date=20141202&s=body&c=link&d=deal-page&utm_campaign=f2d4cd88-f819-4ce1-b44c-8018c6820330 It’s in Atlanta’s deals, but I imagine it’s good anywhere. I don’t have any idea if the company doing them is any good, but I know there have been discussions here regarding where to get them, so wanted to let you all know!

    • My thought exactly!
      How wonderful to have someone to adore so wholeheartedly, so devotedly.

  3. Oh Oh Oh !!!!! Remember the glamor shots from the 80’s !!! With a little help from photoshop you could make Stinkerbelle’s picture a dreamy looking shot. Oh I wish I knew how to do that !!!!!!

  4. Hi Robyn! I love this litter (I love all your litters!) and I am sad that they came to you so feral. Today’s post didn’t mention how the cuddle factor is going… are they getting better? I have a soft spot for torties, Molly is beautiful! Thanks for the posts – my daily dose of kitten love!

  5. Question: I know many of you use Gerber’s baby food to entice ailing kitties to eat or, as in my case, to help the medicine go down. So my question is, what do you do with all the empty glass bottles?

    They’re such nice bottles that I can’t bear to throw them out, even to put them in the glass recycle bin. I’ve reused a bunch of them at home, but they’re really piling them up.

    I’m thinking maybe grammar schools can use them for some art-y/craft-y thing, maybe?

    Hoping to get some re-purpose/re-use ideas from others. Thanks!

    • Depending on my mood, I’ll either save them or recycle them. I’ve mailed out boxes full of them to readers in the past (a reader had an elementary-school-age child who used them for something crafty at school; I don’t remember what the other readers used their jars for.) I’ve been recycling them lately, but I think that you could post something on Craigslist offering them up, and would likely find a taker. I think that offering them to local schools would work, too. I’ll post this question in Friday’s post, and we’ll see if there are other ideas!

  6. Sorry to bother you, but does anyone have a recommendation on furniture covers for cats who pee on furniture? One of my cats has started doing it… we’re treating him for a UTI, etc. and there’s no stressors (he’s an alpha kitten; had him 3 months and he rules my 2 older cats!)