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Jethro and Molly love to hang out on the platforms of that cat tree. (By the way, the road in front of the house isn’t quite as close as it looks in that picture!)

Their favorite place to hang out is on and under that doll bed. I peek in on them before I go to bed, and all three of them are almost always piled up in that bed.

Silly, sweet boy.


I don’t know what it is about this scratcher/bed – it’s a Petstages Snuggle Scratch and Rest – but all three of the kittens seem to regard it as a safe place. When the boys were skittish and not inclined to let me pet them, they’d let me pet them when they were laying in this scratcher bed. And now Molly’s the same (more about her in a minute.)

Laying so that she can slide under the doll bed if she feels the need to.

Don’t you just want to kiss his little pink nose?

Little poser.

I don’t know what’s got her all bothered, but somebody must’ve said SOMEthing.

See? Safe space.

So, a couple of people asked, in yesterday’s comments, how Molly is doing. She’s definitely coming around – she’ll still hiss if she feels cornered, but if you give her some space, she’ll eventually walk by, just out of reach, so that you have to work to pet her. She no longer runs from you if you try to pet her, and in fact she has actually PURRED for both of us.

Fred said he was sitting in there the other day, petting her, and she started rolling around on her back, purring. Then she was horrified by her own behavior and stomped off.

She’s a huge fan of chicken baby food, so when I bring their snack in to them in the morning and evening, I sit and pet her. In the evening, I go in and give them some treats, and Monday evening I was sitting on the floor with a handful of treats, doling them out one by one. When she figured out where the treats were coming from, she walked over and ate directly out of my hand.

I guess you could say she’s food-driven. Jethro is, too, but TC can take or leave the treats.

Later that same evening, I was sitting on the floor with Jethro in my lap, petting him. She came over and though she didn’t actually climb into my lap, she had both her front paws up on my leg as she sniffed the top of his head.

So basically what I’m saying is that she isn’t a lapcat yet, but we’re making slow, definite progress. I did separate her from the boys on Saturday, but it didn’t make any difference in her attitude or friendliness level, and in fact might have made her more skittish. It’s been my experience that if separating kittens is going to work, it works immediately. Since it didn’t make a difference, I decided not to separate them again.

She was NOT a happy camper at the vet yesterday, they told me, and she was feisty and hissy. At least that part’s over for now and we can just concentrate on making her be the sweet little lapcat she really wants to be!

The boys, on the other hand, have come around nicely. They’ll still skitter away if you reach for them too quickly, but they both love to be petted, and have both climbed into my lap numerous times, especially Jethro. They purr up a storm, I’ve been able to hold them on their backs like babies, and have even started kissing them. They weren’t sure what they thought about being kissed at first, but they both tolerate it now.


The Sheriff, rolling around on the patio. Even hard-working lawfolk deserve a chance to relax for a few minutes every now and then!


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12-3-14 — 11 Comments

  1. Two things:
    1) THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for posting about the x-ray machine for me! You are soooooo kind.

    2) Kitty kisses: So, when I lay on the couch to watch TV, I will lay slightly on my left side and Sidney will spoon up against me (his back to my front) with his head on my shoulder. He loves kisses soooo much that he lifts/tilts his head back and up toward me – holding that position until I kiss his forehead. He will lower his head and then repeat in about 10 seconds over and over again until he has gotten all of his desired smooches. Often he keeps his head up until he has gotten 5 – 10 kisses before lowering it. Cracks me up…and I adore it!

  2. I had no doubt the two of you would get Molly to understand she can relax.

    Love Kara’s black feets! That girl is adorbs!

    and HEY!! I’d like to hear more about Archie! Y U NO SHARE?

  3. I wonder if you’ll see any change in Molly following her little op. My first cat, another Molly, was apparently a hellion before she was spayed. While she was ever after a vet’s nightmare, she was a joy at home.

    That photo of Kara is the best!

  4. Little Jethro always makes me smile. I’m not sure if it’s his resemblance to my own Oreo, his smallness, his name or a combo of all three. I suspect the latter. Thank you. 🙂

  5. love those kittens with attitude. mom was cleaning at the shelter last night and there were 4 kittens in the intake part – 2 black short hair and 2 fuzzy ones (black/white and orange/white). one of the black ones was all “don’t touch me” so of course mom had to grab him and cuddle him and kiss him. 🙂

    • That is what he gets for hissing. They just don’t realize that it makes them even cuter and MORE irresistible!!

    • They are doing their best to become no kill. They are the “city shelter” however which makes things very hard. ACPS has amazing volunteers that work incredibly hard to save each and every dog/cat that comes into the shelter. June of 2013, alone, they took in over 1100 dogs and cats. I will never forget that month. That number is staggering…

  6. It can be so hard to tell what’s due to the lack of human contact and what’s simply part of their temperament. She may always be a little aloof, but I’m
    sure you’ll get her to the point where she can enjoy the attention.