12-4-14 – Throwback Thursday

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Throwback Thursday: Sookie

A couple of weeks ago, I did a post about Terry, from the True Blood Six. Today’s post is about his sweet sister, Sookie!

Wee Sookie.

Sweet, silly girl.

With Bill, who’d just had surgery on his eyes. (If I recall correctly, that collar didn’t stay on for long.)

Bill in the back, Sam in the middle, Sookie in the front.

Sneaking up on Sam. She was the only girl of the litter, but she was no princess. She regularly showed those boys who the boss was!

Sound asleep. I love that her nose is half black and half pink.

Such a little stressball.

With a very smug Jake. Jake and Elwood were just about the same age as the True Bloods, and they played (and snuggled) together a lot.

Sookie’s eyes were the least bad of the litter, and I actually thought that she was only going to need surgery on one eye. She ended up needing surgery on both eyes, and her eyes healed really well.

Are you saying to yourself, “Golly, it’s odd that she’d focus on another True Blood kitten so soon after she focused on Terry? I wonder why that is.”


Sookie was returned to the shelter on Monday. The story is kind of confusing, but it sounds like the person who adopted her left her with a friend and moved away. The friend tried to integrate Sookie with her cat, but the cats didn’t get along, and so she brought her back.

I’m sad that she’s been returned, but I’m glad that she was brought back to Challenger’s House! (The adoption counselors always make a point of telling the adopters that Challenger’s House will take the cat back at any point in the cat’s life, but not everyone seems to remember that.) I got to see Sookie for a few minutes Tuesday evening at the shelter. She was still nervous about the other cats in the cat room, but by yesterday morning she had come out of her carrier and was hanging out on one of the cat trees.

Susan said that Terry came right over to greet Sookie, but then she hissed at him, and he hissed back. I’m hoping that they become friends. I don’t expect that they’ll remember each other, but stranger things have happened!

I did take pictures of her, but it was at night and none of mine came out. Luckily, Susan snapped a couple of pictures of her, so here’s Sookie, all grown up!

She’s a talker, just like her brother.

Her eyes are in really good shape, though she does benefit from having drops put in them once a day or so, just like Terry. She’s sweet and friendly and loved being petted. If you’re in the market for a sweet, friendly, lovable girl with soft, silky fur and a talkative nature, let me know. Terry’s still available for adoption, too. They’re considered “special needs”, but all they need are drops in their eyes once or twice a day to keep ’em comfortable.


Jethro’s having Deep Thoughts and paying no mind to Molly, who’s chomping on his foot.

It’s possible there was a feather teaser involved here.

He looks like he’s doing The Robot here. Or maybe sliding down an invisible fire pole.

Make way for Molly!

Little posers.

Check out TC’s crazy eyes as he watches Molly approach.

And now Molly has control of the top of the condo tower.

The boys advance up the tower, but Molly’s not worried about them.

The boys give up.

Later, Jethro goes after Molly’s tail…

…but completely misses. Oh, Jethro.

I had wondered, after the stress of being spayed, if Molly would warm up to me due to the relief of being “home.” She was really quiet and subdued the night after she was spayed. When I went in at bedtime, she was curled up in a bed with both of her brothers. They jumped out and ran over to the snack plate, but she stayed where she was for a few minutes, and let me pet her. Yesterday morning, though, she was back to her usual skittish self. I did get to pet her for a while longer than usual when I took in some new toys and she was distracted, but she’s nothing like her brothers, who both piled into my lap to be petted. I have faith that time will convince her that I’m not so bad. It’s really only been two weeks that they’ve been here, after all.


I lubs that Jobey-Joe. He lubs me, too, although he appears to be ignoring me. I think he could see Newt off in the distance.


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12-4-14 – Throwback Thursday — 15 Comments

  1. Poor Sookie….I will never understand people. At least the friend brought her back to you all. I am going to pray for a double adoption…her and Terry get adopted together. If we all pray hard together, perhaps it will be answered.

    Love me some Jethro!!

  2. Your use of the term “crazy eyes” gave me an idea for a new name theme: Orange is the New Black. The show has mostly female characters but there are a few male characters. Do you watch it?

  3. Grumblegrumblegrumble grrrrrrr! So frustrated about Sookie! At least she got back to Challenger’s House. She grew up to be a pretty cat!

    I’ve never noticed this. Does Jake’s tail have rings????

  4. My hubbie was watching me check out Love and Hisses yesterday and asked me What is that? does it count as catporn? πŸ™‚

  5. I know from following Robyn for some eons that the staff and volunteers at Challenger’s House are doing everything possible — and then some — for Sookie and her fellow pussycats. I’m sending virtual cuddles and kisses to all the kitties in waiting there and everywhere, and I’m glad to hear that Sookie is adjusting.

  6. Agree. So hard to hear about ‘returns’. I do not understand giving up any of my cats, even the high maintenance/”special” ones I’ve had (diabetic, etc.). I’m sure there are some understandable reasons, but…really??

    Thanks for the updates on Molly. We adopted two little ones Dec 2013 — one of whom was skittery like Molly. It’s only been in the last month, after considerable persistent but gentle effort, that she’s be amenable to affection. For months, she only wanted to be petted if she was nursing on her blankie, and even then, only on her back.

    Next up, more gentle efforts to get her amenable to being picked up. I don’t force that on my cats, but I do like to be able to pick them up safely (ie. without them totally freaking out) for safety reasons.

    Sending love and light to Sookie, Terry and everyone else waiting for their forever home.

    • I had a 2 shot per day diabetic for 17 years. He was MINE for life. I loved him soooo much. I could not give up any of mine…I would worry, fret and cry forever!

  7. Oh Sookie…I hope someone gives you a home again soon! And try hard to remember your brother Terry. It would be a lucky person who adopted both of you!!

  8. I love the Throwback Thursdays to see what kind of cats the kittens have grown into, but HATE that the reason for these recent TBT posts is because these cats have been returned.

    HOWEVER, it is such a relief that they made it back to Challenger’s House and didn’t just get shunted off somewhere or, even worse, simply abandoned or surrendered to a kill shelter. If someone is not going to keep the cat he/she adopted from Challenger’s House, getting returned to Challenger’s House is absolutely the very best thing to happen.


    Change of subject: I’ve posted here about my dabbling in t-shirt design and gotten good feedback, so here’s one more idea I’d love to get your collective thoughts on …

    There are these “name t-shirts” that are popular that say “It’s a [insert name] thing. You wouldn’t understand”. For instance, It’s a Jean thing. You wouldn’t understand.”

    So my question is, would it even make sense to do a t-shirt that says “It’s a Tortie-tude thing. You wouldn’t understand”? Would all you tortie-lovers out there be interested in such a shirt? Would you buy something that says that?

    Thanks a bunch for weighing in!

  9. As someone who’s had to give up a cat for heartbreaking reasons in the past, I try not to judge people who return animals… sure, some are just jerks, but until we know the story behind it, who’s to know? But it still makes me sad to see any of your beautiful fosters being returned, especially after so long. I believe the True Bloods were the first litter I remember reading about when I found your blog. I hope Terry and Sookie both find their forever homes soon!

  10. How I so dearly wish I could just hop on the next flight out of here and over to you, and collect beautiful little Sookie up in my arms and take her back home with me to Ireland. She looks so very much like my beautiful little boy, my Baby B, who passed away in February. My heart is broken, and seeing these photos of Sookie and her adorable little brothers reminded me so much of my little fella when he was a kitten.

    I hope, wish and pray that some kind, good hearted soul will do for Sookie what I wish I could do this very moment. May she live long with people who love her and may she have a long, happy life.