12-4-13 – Crooked Acres Wednesday

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Sights from around Crooked Acres.

You’d think the squirrels would have had enough to store for the winter, given that they’ve eaten just about EVERY pecan off the numerous pecan trees on the property. But no, they go after the bird food, too.

George and Gracie would like their morning treats now, please.

And the chickens and ducks would like their scratch, please.

“Hallo, lady, there is a SECOND treat this morning, perhaps?”
(There was not.)

This rooster is HUGE. Fred likes him because he keeps the Basketball (BB) company. They came from the same flock of chicks that we got at the flea market back in the spring.
I’m calling him Larry.

“I am NOT leaving the coop. It’s cold out there!”

Last year, I declared that the pond needs a swing by it. This year, I didn’t get my swing, but there’s a bench to sit on. Maybe next year will be the Year of the Swing?

Pretty, pretty rooster.

“Who, ME?”

Pretty speckled rooster. We have a lot of roosters right now.

Boy ducks, waiting around for their wimminfolk.

The Basketball (BB), warming herself in the sun. (Fred named her “The Basketball” because her back is curved around and she has no tail feathers, so she’s shaped like a basketball. I’m calling her BB for short.)

Cruella needed a feather cut in the worst way, so last night Fred and I went out and he held her while I trimmed her headfeathers. (This picture is from before the feather trim.)

The ducks, headed back out to the pond.

The Angry Muppet has no time for your nonsense.

In this picture, I think George bears a striking resemblance to another George. Don’t you agree?


The trees are mostly bare now, especially the Poltergeist tree (in the center of the picture). Between the twigs and the leaves, trees shed worse than cats, I swear.


Please note the tip of Tony’s tongue sticking out. He is so his mother’s child.

Melfi’s gorilla arms are cracking me UP (she doesn’t have particularly long front legs, it’s just the angle.)

I love the curled tongue.

Paulie, trying to hide from his tail. He’s not sure how it found him.

Adriana and Melfi, tussling.

Sweet, gorgeous Livia (still not adopted! Grrrr.)

Paulie and Silvio ADORE that rabbit fur toy (which I got here) and spend a large part of every day growling at each other, and stealing it. I’d say that toy is a BIG hit around here.

All the kittens are fans of the feathers Fred brings in from the chicken yard.



I can just about guarantee that Silvio was growling at Paulie when I got this picture.


Alice Mo shows off her pretty eyes.

And yes, it’s that time again!

YouTube link.


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12-4-13 – Crooked Acres Wednesday — 16 Comments

  1. “2014, Year of the Swing” definitely has a nice ring to it.And is it just me, or in that picture of the ducks heading out to the pond, does it look like a secret service man is accompanying them? Most of all, may Livia find her family today!

  2. “Hallo, lady, there is a SECOND treat this morning, perhaps?” – Those eyes would have made me run back inside to retrieve more snacks for them! *melt*

  3. Alice and Livia look like they could be sisters from the pictures you posted of them today !! Incredible !!!

    I hope Livia is adopted soon !! Before the rest of the Soprano’s go to Petsmart !! Maybe Petsmart could set up a small laptop or tablet next to the cages so that people visiting the kitties can read your blog and watch your videos. The would be a great “resume” for the kitties !!!