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For a cat-free zone, Fred’s office certainly does have a lot of cat beds… and cats.

Miz Poo was sleeping in this bed (which is located right next to a space heater), but then the kittens invaded.

Meadow and Silvio, in the Pagoda.

Paulie Walnuts certainly does enjoy the sunshine.

Smilin’ boy.

I swear, Melfi is all ears.

Tony, watching something fascinating.

Too much sunshine makes Paulie loopy.

Pretty, pretty boy.

Sweet Tony.

Sweet stripey Tony.

Though I have never ever even once given any of the kittens any food in the kitchen, somehow they KNOW that that’s where food comes from (I’m sure they can smell it). When I’m in the kitchen doing anything at all, they gather around and howl to let me know that they’re dying of starvation. Yesterday I was making jalapeno jelly, and OH how they howled.

They’ve gotten well trained enough so that when I call “Come on, guys!” at bedtime, they all come running. Until Sunday night, Fred always had to grab one or two strays and guide them up the stairs, but for the last two nights all 7 of them have accompanied me upstairs to get their bedtime treats. They’re smart little monkeys, is what they are.


Jake looks deceptively sweet here, doesn’t he? But you can see the looniness in his eyes.


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12-3-13 — 28 Comments

  1. Oh, sweet loony Jake ๐Ÿ™‚

    Melfi looks like she has freckles. I don’t know if it’s the base of the whiskers that are really dark or if it’s the fur near the base, but I love her little freckles!

  2. Heh, if Fred really wanted a cat free office, then I’d think there wouldn’t be any cat beds in there!

    • That’s what I say! First he put a bed in there for Stefan. And then he let me move the pagoda in there. And THEN he put that bed on the floor for Miz Poo to keep warm. He does have to kick the kittens out when he has a conference call, thought – they like to act up when there’s something important going on!

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    (If you don’t know about Fiverr, the site is worth a look: all sorts of people willing to do all sorts of things for you for $5! I’ve hired people to do a bunch of things this way…)

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  4. That picture of the 4 kittens snuggling in the bed previously occupied by Miz Poo is amusing. I love how Tony(?) is looking up at the camera with a glare and probably thinking something along the lines of “LADY, WE HAZ IMPORTANT BIZNESS, AND THAT BIZNESS IS SLEEPING!”

  5. Meadow is all: can you get her offa me???

    People asked how I knew our foster kitten Doc was deaf – it was confirmed when he slept through the pop of the kitten food can. ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. I just noticed the Soprano ‘mugshots’ to the right. I love those pic’s of the boys, especially sunlit Tony.

  7. My cats both come running when I use the can opener, which is funny, since the tiny cans of cat food I give them have the lids that pop off. I don’t know what they think the can opener is bringing them!