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The Sopranos kittens are 3 months old today! Here are their progression pics, showing them at 2 weeks, 1 month, 2 months, and 3 months. Click on the picture to see a larger version over at Flickr.





Paulie Walnuts.



Not a huge difference between, lookswise, between 2 and 3 months. They’ve hit that long and lanky stage, right on schedule, and they’ll get even longer and lankier before they start filling out. This is such a fun age! I mean, when they’re not racing through the house leaving terror and destruction in their wake, they’re fun.

Pretty Mama Livia (from before she went off to Petsmart, obviously.)

Tony on the cat tree, watching his siblings race around like wild things.

Deep Thinkin’ Tony.

Melfi got up on one of the steps next to the bookcase and then wasn’t sure how to get down.

It certainly seemed like a long way down…

But she did it! (See what I mean about long and lanky?)

I have no idea why some kittens feel the need to prop that back foot up there on the side of the fountain, but others have done it in the past, too.

Pretty Silvio in the sun.

Carmela is a big fan of my heated throw. Have you ever seen a more content girl?

“You look tired, lady. I think we need a nap with the heated throw. Go turn it on, I’ll be right there.”

Meadow is the tightrope walker of the bunch. She’s always balancing on something – the end of my bed, the edge of the litter box. She has excellent balance!

“I see you teasing me, toy. You will be MINE, soon enough.”

“‘Scuse me, trying to have private time with my girlfrien’ Miz Poo, you go ‘way now.”


“How YOU doin’?” That Stefan, such a charmer.


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12-5-13 — 22 Comments

  1. Ms. Livia sure had pretty babies and was such a great Mom. Now it’s her turn for a family that will love and pamper her forever. I know they are out there – maybe today will be the day!
    Adriana still has my heart, but I have to admit Carmella is right up there. Heck, I love all these guys! And Stefan. And Ms. Poo. And…

  2. I think that Carmela’s latest progress picture would be a perfect LinkedIn photo – she looks all professional and all in that picture!

    • The idea of a LinkedIn page for Carmela made me laugh. Wouldn’t it be just too funny if we created LinkedIn pages for our pets? I bet Robyn could come up with some terrific job titles and descriptions for her cats (and dogs and chickens and ducks… and squirrels like she seems now to be wanting). I’m not even going to attempt it because I know she’d just have some awesome ideas.

      • Ha – my LinkedIn profile has my job listed as “President and CEO at Crooked Acres Cat Farm, Ltd.” and Additional Honors & Awards
        Best litter box scooper at Crooked Acres for five years running. I’m expecting a raise any day now.

  3. Thank you! I love when we get the progression pictures! : ) I also love Carmela’s natural necklace. That is neat!

  4. Carmela on the cat tree looking up is absolutely SLAYING me with cuteness! The perked ears, the wide eyes, the long whiskers… I is DED. D-E-D, dead from the cute!

  5. Does Stefan like kisses? I don’t think I could pass by him without smooching some part of his sweet face. 🙂