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Here are the comparison pictures I promised you on Friday! Click on any of them to go to the larger version over at Flickr.

That’s Jethro on the left. In the middle is Meadow from The Sopranos litter. And on the right is Tig from The Sons. (I think Jethro looks very much like Meadow, but personality-wise, he reminds me of Tig.)

Here we have Molly on the left. Next to her is her auntie. Third from the left, we have Purslane from The Weeds. And on the far right, of course, is Grandma Poo. (I think Molly looks most like her auntie, but there’s certainly more than a passing resemblance to Purslane and Miz Poo!)

That’s TC in both of those pictures on the bottom. On the top? Our Tommy, as a kitten. TC reminds me VERY much of a young Tommy, not only lookswise, but also in personality (although Tommy was never ever for one moment a skittish kitten.)


Doesn’t he look like a wee teddy bear? I just want to squeeze him!

Oh, this one with the attitude. Such a brat.

“Am tryin’ to nap, lady.”


Gorgeous girl.

Jethro has a love for the duck feathers.

Cuddly threesome.

“You gonna keep taking those pictures, or you gonna come pet us, lady?” asks Jethro.

These three are off to the vet tomorrow for their testing and spaying and neutering! I don’t anticipate any problems, and by tomorrow evening they’ll be back here, most likely racing around like nothing happened to them.


Maxi spends more time dust-bathing than the chickens do, I swear. I love the pattern the dust has made on her back, though.

Such the attitude from this one.

Did you know that Maxi has her own theme song? I first posted it on this date in 2011, actually.

YouTube link.


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2-1-14 — 6 Comments

  1. Hahaha, Elsie-cat was all over me, chirping, after I played Maxi’s song. Guess she wants a theme song of her own, LOL.

    Loved the comparison pictures, especially of the torties. Such pretty faces!

  2. No wonder she is giving you attitude. Porking may rhyme perfectly, but what a language for a lady’s theme song! (Though I have to admit that it is wonderfully catchy and that I can’t stop listening to it.) Her dust painted back fooled me and I was saying to myself – I do not know that permanent resident, what is happening?

  3. Loved the comparison pictures. It made me think that kittens are much the same as people in many ways: the same pattern with many variations!! 🙂

  4. That was Maxi? I was wondering who the new tortie was.

    I don’t remember seeing Catie before but dang, she was purty.

  5. (don’t all fully black cats look the same :p)
    3 cats in a bed/basket too cute!

    oh btw, have we not seen the ducks lately?