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Weekly Instagram/Facebook Roundup!

Sweet snuggly siblings. We haven’t gotten her to purr yet, but it’s only a matter of time. Both boys purr almost immediately.

Fred reported that he went in three times this morning and Molly let him pet her all three times. When I went in, she gave me this look, called me a bad name, and jumped down off the tree. No fair playing favorites, brat.

“Hallo innernets, this picture was taken 10 seconds before that evil lady turned on the ceiling fan and caused me to lose my ever-lovin’ mind. She apologized and said she didn’t know it would scare me, but I note that she laffed and laffed while she was saying how sorry she was, so I am skeptical of her sorrow.”

“What? Is comfy and it smells good and I fit perfectly!”

“ExCUSE ME, I’m LAYING HERE. Get your big stinky FOOT off my FACE.”

They’re posing nicely now, but you can tell Molly Hatchet is still holding a grudge.

Bandit would like to know why my purse smells like OTHER CATS.

Nap time!

“Sibling bonding time going on here, lady. You not invited.”

YouTube link.
How does so much litter end up all over the foster room floor? It’s a mystery!


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11-29-14 — 5 Comments

  1. I was like wait, who is Bandit??? Then I saw the hashtag: CatInLaw. Ahhh… Thanksgiving. Lol. Thanks for the weekend updates.

  2. Molly’s an absolutely adorable brat, though!

    Also thought you snuck another cat in there for a moment. Bandit has zee French daddy, no?

  3. Always so grateful for a weekend post. That Molly is just too cute for words, and I bet she knows it. Hoping Kitten #4 joins them sooooon!!!

  4. I don’t need a note from y’all.

    I just need your word that you’ll hold and cuddle each permanent resident until they’re tired of your neediness and insist on running down the hallway from you.

    And then hug and cuddle Fred until he’s tired of your neediness and goes to his office to write his next best seller.