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Your dance dance dance comments reminded me of this video:

YouTube link.

I love that video SO. VERY. MUCH!!


have you seen this?? tooooo cute!

Yes, I’ve seen it, and I LOVE IT!


Those dancing shots are da bomb! What a talented troupe! What airs! What moves! What feats of feets!

What kind of camera do you use to get such phenomenal fast action shots?

Why, thank you! I use two cameras – the big one (that I get most of my pictures with) is a Sony SLT-A55V. The smaller camera (which I usually carry upstairs with me when I don’t expect to take pictures, but want to have a camera with me just in case) is a Sony Cybershot DSC-RX100. I get a lot of up-close pictures with that one, and when I’ve got very young kittens I tend to use the smaller camera because it’s easier to maneuver. We’ve always been a Sony family (our very first digital camera was a Sony, and it wrote to FLOPPY DISKS, and I am NOT even kidding you!), but I kind of lust after the Nikons and Canons. Maybe someday I’ll get to give ’em a try!


Love the sideways skittle and jumping over mama. When did they start parkour? Or is that inherent in all kittens?

I’m pretty sure it’s inherent in all kittens!


I love the Previously’s where you say you have too many cats! Six!

I know, right? Every time I declared that we were NOT adopted one cat or another, we always ended up adopting them. And every time I bemoaned our HUGE number of permanent residents and said we’d never add another permanent cat to that number, we had another one within a month or two. I keep that in mind now and try not to make definitive statements about NO MORE CATS so as not to tempt Fate!


How messed up is this:

YouTube link.

That is so awesome!!!


Speaking of mama cats. I just read Kara’s story this week – along with a month of blog postings – I had no idea she had had a litter of beautiful kittens.

Kara was our very first mama kitty who gave birth here! In fact, there was no waiting and waiting for her to birth those kittens – she went ahead and had them about 24 hours after we brought her home, and our experience with her giving birth and raising those kittens was such a great one that I’ll always jump at the chance to take a pregnant cat.


Mister Stefan is one chill dude, he’s so awesome. Does he still play rough with the kittens?

He does tend to be a little rough, but I’ve noticed that after I make him stop roughhousing, the kitten who was screaming and yelling about being picked on almost always follows him out of the room. So I’m thinking that while it looks rough to me, the kittens actually like it!


Hey there! Speaking of a good deal on antler chews, I found a good website with great pricing and have purchased from them before. A good find for those of us that have the doggie buddies for our kitteh family members.I can ask my Chihuahua, Josie, “Where’s your kitty?!” and she goes running off looking for them. 🙂

Thanks for the link. I love a good deal!


I can’t remember if it was posted before, but what is your best guess why Stinkerbelle loves Tommy but hisses and smacks at the other cats?

All of the kittens in Stinkerbelle’s litter reacted immediately to Tommy the first time he entered their room; the instant they saw him, they ran over to him. I guessed that maybe their mother was black, but the woman who found the kittens emailed me and told me that she wasn’t, so I honestly don’t know. But she loved him the first second she saw him, and she has loved him ever since, so maybe they could tell at a glance how good-natured he is, and maybe he’s like a big, comforting teddy bear to her.


Does Fred still call Maxi “Mom Cullen”?

No, he sure doesn’t – in fact, I didn’t remember that he ever had until I read that post the other day! (By the way, Maxi and Newt are SO TINY in those pictures. I can’t believe we ever thought Newt was fully grown, because he so wasn’t!)


Sweet Miss Melfi in the sun. I sure do love that girl.

Carmela, teaching Tony who the boss is (hint: it ain’t Tony, no matter what he thinks!)

Some crime boss, Tony. Ya big baby! “Wahhhhhh!”

“Walk away, lady. You don’t see nothin’.”

And then, of course, time to make sure the big, bad crime boss is CLEAN.

Livia stepped in to do the final wash.

Mama is SERIOUS about clean toes.

“Hmph. Kids. So RUDE.”

Livia sure does like that scratcher.

Adriana in the sun.

Carmela’s also quite fond of that scratcher. Looks very pleased with herself, doesn’t she?


Corbie, napping in the sun.

He is one BEAUTIFUL boy, isn’t he? Pardon me while I go find him and give him a squeeze.


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  1. I saw your comment on last year’s post for this date when you said you thought a squirrel would be a fun pet and I have a great story for you. I was on vacation in Orange Beach several years ago and my friend Lisa and I had gone to dinner at Tacky Jack’s. I noticed Lisa was watching something behind me and asked her what it was and she said “I think that guy’s got a live animal”. I turned around and sure enough, a guy a few tables over had a squirrel, not full grown, more like a teenage squirrel I guess. Anyway, the squirrel was on his back but the waitress approached the table with a shot glass full of water, I hope, and set it down. Guy plucks the squirrel off his back and sets him on the table so he can get a drink. Then as we watch – okay to be honest we were openly staring by this point – he picks the squirrel up and puts him in his pants pocket. And I don’t mean some big ole cargo pants either, he was wearing khaki dockers. And we can see the squirrel moving around in his pocket and about that time, he looks up at us, nods his head and says “I’ve got a squirrel in my pocket.” And I can say this is one moment I was just sick I didn’t have my camera with me.

    • I once found an injured squirrel lying on the yellow line – and as I had an online contact who was a squirrel rehaber (a true squirrel nut, pardon the pun) I began the process of helping this little female. She’d suffered a serious head injury, and needed time, peace and ready food to have a chance to heal and be released.

      It turns out that squirrels are quite gentle in general. She allowed me to treat her wound and slowly improved until she was eating normally – and no longer showing signs of her injury. I kept her in a huge cage in a spare room (away from my kitties) and fed her copious amounts of squirrel favs. She didn’t resist being handled, but I kept it to a minimum as I hoped she could be free again.

      One day I noticed she had a visitor – another squirrel who sat in the pear tree outside the window. They seemed to be communicating and my little girl squirrel really wanted to go. I set her free on my 43 acres along with two or three months supply of food. As squirrels are quite territorial, I released her out where fewer of her kind were resident. I’ve seen her a couple of times since – recognizable due to the large bald spot of her tail.

  2. Awww, I hadn’t seen the Kitty Cat Dance video in ages! I have to work this morning, but that definitely brightened it up along with the kittens, Livia, and da Corbs.

    I have a kitty issue and if you have any suggestions I would appreciate it. My oldest, Felix, who will be 12 this month, has started overgrooming himself. He had a tooth extraction in August, and before that it was only above his eyes. 4 weeks after the surgery he had bald patches show up on his legs and his belly is completely bald. I have tried an allergy test (no allergens showed), 2 blood tests (perfect except for whatever measures inflammation), switching dry food and to grain free wet food (dear god was that a nightmare with 11 cats), and giving him amnitryptiline in case it’s an anxiety issue. NOTHING is helping.

    Other than the bald patches, he seems really healthy and happy. With all the food switching, he’s dropped a few pounds and now is more active than he’s been since he was a kitten. He wants me to play with him all the time and he’s a lot more affectionate. He doesn’t seem stressed out by the other cats…maybe irritated by one or two, but not stressed. The medicine only seems to make him sleepy.

    I’m probably going to drag him back to the vet in the next few weeks, but I really am at a loss as to what the problem is. I hate to give him steriod shots because of his age, and other than the fact that he’s overgrooming, he seems healthy and happy.

    If you or anyone else have a suggestion or a thought, I would really appreciate it!

    • I’ll post this in next Friday’s post, Michelle, but it kinda sounds like a possible thyroid issue to me. I know they did blood tests and I’m sure that’s one of the things they checked, but it might be worth another check.

      Ooh, also (and no doubt you’ve tried/thought of this, but want to mention it just in case), maybe add a fish oil supplement to his diet? When we were trying to figure out what was going on with Tommy, one of the things the vet said was that fish oil is a natural anti-inflammatory. It didn’t work for Tommy, but maybe worth a try?