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The many faces of Chuckles (AKA Charlie Peppers).

2011-11-29 (6)

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Do you remember back when we had a turned-on-its-side trash can in the back yard under the trees? Sure you do, Sugarbutt loved to hang out in it all the time.


Well, the trash can developed a hole in the end from being tossed around when it was windy, and so we tossed it and for a while there was nothing under the trees for the cats to hang out in. Then we got a small dog house and put it on the patio, and this past weekend I had Fred move it so that it was under the trees where the trash can used to sit.

It was, to say the least, a hit.

2011-11-29 (7)
Sugarbutt on top, with Corbie sitting on the stump behind him, trying to figure out what’s going on.

2011-11-29 (8)
Corbie in the house!

2011-11-29 (9)
Alice on top, while Jake and Elwood supervise (I shot this out the window while sitting at my desk, thus the cloudiness. Someone oughta clean that window.)

2011-11-29 (10)
Jake’s wondering how Alice got up there.

These last few days it’s been raining almost constantly, and last night at snack time I went out to call the cats in, and the little house was like a clown car, cats pouring out of it. Sugarbutt, Tommy, Elwood AND Jake had all stuffed themselves in the house somehow. I need to put a towel or bed in there so that they don’t have to shiver on the bare wooden floor, the poor dears.


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11-29-11 — 15 Comments

  1. …and the little house was like a clown car, cats pouring out of it.

    Love it! You and Fred are so awesome with the keeping the cats entertained and happy.

  2. I think the cats are trying to do their Snoopy impressions by sitting on the roof. You do know that it needs some Christmas lights now…

    I just love sweet Charlie Peppers! What color are his eyes now? They look almost turquoise in these pictures!

  3. Don’t know if it’s just me but I think Chuckles is looking more and more like Buster. <3

  4. Charlie is such a little dreamy guy…that face is irresistable!

    The dog house is a great idea…still laughing at the clown car image…

  5. We have plastic “Cat Huts” for the barn kitties and I find the very best thing for the bottom is an old, worn out, wool sweater. If you don’t have any of your own, look for the most pathetic and holy ones you can find at thrift stores (sometimes they will even save them for you instead of throwing them out). As long as they are pure wool (or at least a wool-polyester blend) they stay warm even when they get damp or wet; and combine with the kitty fur to keep them all toasty and happy. The closer to the “sheep” they are, the better kitties like them; with slightly oily hand-spun or commercial fisherman’s yarn their favorite but just about any wool will get them kneading to their hearts content. If you have neighbors with sheep, fleeces work well too, though you want to cut around the outside icky bits and probably replace once a year (if not cleaned).

  6. Great little house for the cats. Straw is the best thing to put in outdoor pet houses. It won’t retain moisture.

  7. Purrsonally, I think you need a bigger dog house out there, one with a door flap, and a outdoor animals heating pad. Yep, that ought to do it. They will be properly taken care of then. 😉

  8. Would Charlie be allowed to be adopted overseas??? Such a handsome lil kitty man there!!! 😀

    He is a cute one and I hope, if I can’t have him, that his forever human find him soon…

  9. You do realize that clean windows attract cat noses, right?!
    Love the Corbie peering out the door of the “cathouse”, as well as the image of a clown car in my mind!
    Poor dears, indeed.

  10. Oh my gosh! Charlie has a slight little overbite! Absolutly adorable! My Leo has one just like that and I think it’s just too sweet, it gives them such a sweet expression!
    I would have died to see that clown car express running out of the house! Were you able to stop laughing long enough to give them their snacks? lol!