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In case you missed it, I posted a couple of short videos on Saturday, declaring it “Kitteh Video Saturday”, though probably I could have shortened it to “Video Caturday” and gotten the meaning across. I don’t know yet if it’s going to be a regular thing or not. I do have some video that I thought was gone forever in the Computer Crash of (Fall) 2011, but as it turns out, I had backed it up to Carbonite. So now I have to stitch the videos together and edit them (they’re of Snackin’ Time when all the Peppers were still here, and I was attempting to show how it was a complete madhouse, but also how well-trained the Peppers were, so it’s kind of long), so maybe I’ll post that next Saturday. Or maybe not. We shall see!

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Have I mentioned that Charlie Peppers enjoys a good snuggle with a big cat?

2011-11-28 (6)
Sugarbutt put up a leg to block the snuggle…

2011-11-28 (7)
But Charlie snuggled in there anyway. (Love the resigned look on Sugarbutt’s face.)

2011-11-28 (14)
Getting some grooming from Ellie-bellz (Elwood).

2011-11-28 (13)
And some snugglin’.

2011-11-28 (11)
Tommy loves to throw his leg over whoever tries to snuggle with him. If they truly want to snuggle, they’ll put up with it.

2011-11-28 (12)
“Halp. Cannot. Breathe.”

2011-11-28 (4)
After I made mashed potatoes for Thanksgiving, Charlie tried to lick the bowl clean, while Alice fumed.

2011-11-28 (5)
And yes, sourpuss, you were correct in your comment. Teeny tiny Alice, who the vet told us would probably never get bigger than 7 pounds somehow morphed into a full-figured gal. We were scammed in this deal, y’all. TOTALLY. She does, however, still love Fred with a passion, and when we watch TV she climbs up on him and lays there like a big ol’ self-satisfied tick.

2011-11-28 (10)
Patty Peppers is more of a loner than her brother. She’ll play with the big cats – loves to chase their tails – but when it comes to sleeping, she prefers to go it alone.

2011-11-28 (9)

2011-11-28 (8)

As a reminder, this is what sweet Miss Patty looked like two and a half months ago:

She’s come a long way, baby.

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2011-11-28 (1)
Sugarbutt, watching squirrels run around in the side yard.

2011-11-28 (2)

2011-11-28 (3)
I love it when he sits up like this to get a better look (picture would be better without all the background clutter, but eh. Whatcha gonna do?)


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11-28-11 — 9 Comments

  1. Hate it when I hear the awful things some people do ,but love how the good things just rush in and try to make it all better.

  2. I will never, ever understand how heartless some people can be. 🙁

    Cracks me up when cats “prairie dog” like that! So, how much does Alice weigh in at these days?

  3. I had to laugh (lays there like a big ol’self-satisfied tick). That exactly describes my cats. If I’m in the recliner, one is curled up by my neck and the other is snuggled between my side and arm.

  4. Love, love, love those pictures of Sugarbutt.

    Yep, there are some real a-holes in this world. Too bad they couldn’t all right off the face of the Earth. We will be praying for those needy kitties and will donate if possible.

  5. Meercat Sugerbutt sure is a cuite.
    People can be sorry excuses for human beings, can’t they? I love miss Patty Peppers, way to go girl. And Chuckles is one funny boy – must love all the big cats, now!
    And dear Alice, look at you, you bug-a-lug!

  6. Oh sweet Patty! What a difference a little TLC can make. Still hurts my heart to see her in that bad of shape!