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Meadow on my lap, and Melfi trying to worm her way in.

“RAHHH! I’m a fearsome beast!”
“No, I’m a fearsome beast!”
They’re both pretty fearsome, for the record.

Adriana with toy. You can see a bit of her cute little shaved belly.

That look on Stefan’s face cracks me UP.

When they curl up like this, it kills me DEAD.

Melted Carmela.

Melfi and Tony, crammed into the ess scratcher. As you can see, Tony is raaaaather pleased with himself.

Three little tabbies in the sun (from back: Melfi, Tony, Carmela).

I love it when the sun shines through their ears.

Melfi, contemplative.

And one last shot of the three.

Stefan is a really good nap buddy, it appears.

Paulie gets a shot from the milk bar. Livia cracks me up, with her “Do you BELIEVE this?!”

“How YOU doin’?” says Carmela, from up close.

I started yesterday by intending not to go anywhere (except for a quick run to Publix for a few groceries) and ended it by needing to take Melfi to the vet at 3, and then drop Livia off at Petsmart in the evening.

First, Livia: room became available at Petsmart, so off she went. She wasn’t happy about it, of course, but she handled it very well. Once I put her in her cage, she curled up in the bed and every time someone came along and looked at her, she talked to them. It was seriously adorable. (You’ll still be seeing pictures of Livia next week, I have some of her on the camera that I haven’t downloaded yet.)

Now, Melfi: Last weekend, I noticed that when she was sitting in my lap being petted, she reacted as thought it hurt when I’d pet her left side. I thought maybe she was still healing from her spay surgery, so made a mental note to keep an eye on her. She was playing (though not wildly, which in itself is unusual) and eating just fine, so I didn’t worry too much. She seemed to be getting better, but on Thanksgiving day I noticed that she was moving slowly and favoring her left side. I checked her over, and found that although she didn’t like it when I petted her on the left side, she REALLY didn’t like it if I rubbed her belly. So I called and made an appointment for her. As it turned out, the vet found a “knot” under her left leg, probably an abscess and not in a location where it could be drained. She also had a slight fever, and so now she’s on pain meds for a couple of days, and antibiotics to help the healing.

She is the sweetest girl ever, I swear – even when the vet was examining her and it clearly hurt, Melfi just cried a few times and gently took the vet’s finger in her mouth, not actually biting down, but making it clear that “YOU STOP NOW, PLS.”

PS: The only time during the drive to and home from the vet’s office that Melfi had anything to say was when I was singing along to I Want a Hippopotamus for Christmas. I’m not sure whether it was the song or my singing voice she objected to, and to be truthful I’d probably rather not know!

PPS: Will update the sidebar (to reflect that Livia’s at Petsmart) before Monday, hopefully.

I have a short video of that silly Adriana, digging and digging at the side/bottom of the plastic container she was sitting in. She loves to do this, dig at plastic surfaces, I’m not sure exactly what’s going on there, but it certainly is cute. Bonus: at the end, she gets into a momentary spat with Tony (then licks him on the head), and Carmela is all “HI! HI! WHAT GOIN’ ON?!”

YouTube link.


You might think this is a table full of cats (Newt in the back, Stefan in the middle, Corbie in the front), but there’s clearly room for more!


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11-30-13 — 20 Comments

  1. Hi, well now I know a new daft US Christmas song from the 50s! I had NEVER heard that one before, Thank you. 😀
    and did Adriana plummet off the sofa backwards after that pic??
    Hope Melfi gets better soon, and that Livia is on her way to her forever home.

  2. Aww, wishing Melfi a speedy recovery and a speedy furever home for Livia! The last picture – – BEFORE I put on my glasses I thought, “Oh, a picture Robyn and Fred’s Thanksgiving table, how nice.” (Preparing myself for the picture of the feast with all the side dishes, turkey, etc…) THEN, I put on my glasses…. whoa, uh, WHAT WAS I THINKING???? hehehe! A bountiful harvest of Felines – ya’ll grow the best felines at Crooked Acres!!! Happy Caturday!

  3. We’ve got a digger too, although she prefers glass doors and mirrors. We always ask her if she’s digging to China. Although when we studied the map, turns out she’d land somewhere in Eastern Europe, but it doesn’t have the same flow.

    Lots of healing wishes for Melfi.

  4. Godspeed, beautiful Livia — may you captivate your ideal family soonest. And get well soonest, Melfi.

  5. My tortie does that digging too. Neither of my other two do it.
    Fingers crossed that Livia gets a home super quick! And that Melfi is feeling better.

  6. That song is one of my favorite “non” traditional songs of the season. Melfi was just probably singing along or asking why you wanted a hippopotamus and if you had room for one of THOSE when you already have so many cats 🙂 Hope Melfi feels better soon and Livia gets a new home for Christmas. Happy Thanks-kah-atur-giving!

  7. Safe travels Livia! Such a beautiful girl and good mama will find a home quickly, I’m sure!

    Feel better soon little Melfi! I’m sure the funny lady will sing the Hippo song again if you ask nicely… 😉

  8. Adriana digging – my boy does that on my headboard (sleigh bed). Drives me nuts when I am sleeping! I just force his to cuddle with me as punishment! LOL

  9. I have a problem I’m hoping you and the cat experts who read your site can help me with.

    On Wednesday I had to put my 13 year old cat, Gracie, to sleep. She had tumors in and around her ears, and she had gotten bad enough that it was time. I miss her, but I know it was best for her. The problem now is that my 16 year old cat, Lucy, who was her best friend, is grieving and lonely. I need help pulling her out of it – not only because she needs to move on, but because every time she goes upstairs to the spot where she and Gracie used to curl up together to sleep every day, she howls, really loudly. It’s a heartbreaking sound, and my husband and I have been very patient and understanding about it. But she started it two weeks before Gracie had to be put to sleep, because that’s when Gracie started feeling bad enough that she stopped going upstairs. So for two and a half weeks, we’ve each been getting woken up out of a sound sleep by that horrible wailing from upstairs.

    I finally put in a pair of ear plugs last night, and slept through her yowling, but my husband can’t bring himself to do that, and he works odd hours, which means sleeping odd hours and not getting enough sleep even without Lucy waking him up whenever she feels lonely.

    What can I do to get Lucy to stop making that noise? What can I do to make her feel less lonely? (Aside from getting a new cat, which isn’t going to happen.) Any ideas? I tried putting a stuffed animal up there where she lays, hoping she’d curl up with it, but she ignores it. What else can I do to help her feel better and help us get full nights of sleep again?

    • I know, it breaks your heart but you’ve got to let grief go through the normal process. It will pass in a few weeks but may never get over it.

      Would suggest extra cudddles and when she’s in that spot, snuggle with her. Let her know taht she’s still got people and family that love and treasure her.

  10. At first I read “ess scratcher” as something else entirely… not gonna say what!

    Maybe Adriana was digging at the plastic basket because it felt good on her paws? Or perhaps her claw-sharpening instincts decided to kick in and the basket looked like a good target. Who knows! Those funny little monkeys have heads full of rainbows and fluff, so she could have been thinking anything!

    Hope you had a great Thanksgiving!

  11. So glad to hear that my tortie is not the only spastic, compulsive digger. I’ve had cats before who “buried” their kibble bowl, etc., but Zoe digs and digs on, well, a whole lot of different surfaces, including the tv (when it’s off) sometimes. We have no idea what’s going on between those furry ears, but I usually ask her what she’s doing…and then eventually, when it’s about to drive me around the bend, I’ll re-direct her with scritches or a toy. Weird, weird, weird!