11-30-17 Goodbye, Crooked Acres

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Crooked Acres
Goodbye, Crooked Acres.

Shady Cove
Hello, Shady Cove.

Some (many) of you will be shocked to learn that we have sold Crooked Acres and are in the process of moving.

Details will be forthcoming next week – I’ve written and scheduled posts to publish all next week with every tedious detail about what we’ve been doing these past six months.

We close on both houses today, and then the movers will be meeting us at the new house. As a favor to myself, there will be no post tomorrow.

Thank you for your patience!


73 cats in a Kia Soul
(You may not be able to see them all in this picture, but I assure you that 11 cat-containing carriers will fit in a Kia Soul. At the same time. I loaded them myself.)


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11-30-17 Goodbye, Crooked Acres — 85 Comments

  1. THRILLED for you all – humans and animals. Very much looking forward to the Shady Cove Chronicles!

  2. Been enjoying Fred’s “would be nice” posts of the new house along with his Beatles serenade to both homes. Can’t wait for updates!

  3. Oh wow! how excitement for you! thanks for all the times and sharing everything about Crooked Acres – all the pets, raccoons, Delores, the bugs and spiders, the crazy turkeys and piggies and catfish, Dirt Mountain, ducks, chickens – random cats that just turn up at your backdoor (how will you restock without the randoms?). I knew almost every room.
    I hope it all goes smoothly for you all

  4. Well you said you were gonna do it and if you haven’t gone and DONE it!! 🙂

    I hope all goes well!! Good luck and know that we’re thinking of you.

  5. We certinally hope all goes well for everyone!!!! I will miss Crooked Acres but can’t wait for new memories in Shady Cove. Maybe TWO foster rooms!!! Congratulations!!!! AND good luck moving (yuck!)

  6. we knew it was coming!
    Have a wonderful Moving day!The new house look lovely!
    If I lived closer, I’d bake you something yummy like my chicken pot pie with tea biscuit crust.

    You know we expect a tour when you are feeling up to it.
    (a friend of mine has a lime green kia soul and 2 agility dogs- it holds a lot more than it looks like it could!)

  7. Something ends, and something new begins! Here’s to the new chapter in the lives of the Shady Cove Gang, previously known as the Crooked Acres Gang! May the transition be smooth and painless for everybody involved! 🙂

  8. Oh wow, congratulations to all of you! Bet word’s already gone out to all of the local strays.

    And well shit. Ain’t that just a bit of a coincidence. I move today from Toronto to Ottawa as well, and I’m losing my ever lovin’ mind moving 1 cat. How you’re doing it with 11? Dude. And why I’m on the internet when I should be getting my ass in gear is…yeah, it just is.

  9. Congratulations to the whole family! May this be the beginning to all new wonderful adventures and memories!!

  10. Beautiful! Though Fred was posting interior pictures I was confused as to which house you actually bought. I look forward to hearing the details about packing up the cats – who hollered the most, who was surprisingly calm, etc. 😀

  11. How utterly exciting!!! Thank you for sharing it with us! I am looking forward to everything!!!! Sending positive thoughts for patience, strength, endurance, and hoping EVERYTHING goes smoothly and y’all are settled quickly!!!! Congratulations!!!!!!!!

  12. Hope your move goes smoothly and that everyone settles into their new home quickly. Here is to new beginnings!

  13. Congratulations to all. That went pretty quickly actually. From “we’re gonna do it to Done!” I am assuming the chickens stayed at Crooked Acres with the new folks? New neighborhood is lovely. Now that Kara has the Crooked Acres community policed and ticketed she will have a new group of ne’re do wells to shape up. I hope they know what is about to hit their doors and put on their best behavior. Your new neighbors are very lucky.

  14. Moving in with Fred’s “FRIEND” after all? Lol! Congrats on the new house and hope your move goes as smooth as possible. Don’t you love small-ish cars with a ton of space inside? 🙂

  15. What a journey! Can’t wait to hear the adventures of the move and all the new stories. And, man, what a house!

  16. Ha! I should have guessed something was up when there was no mention of kittens! Congratulations!

  17. Congratulations and Mazel Tov! Looking forward to more pictures and tales of how the critters – both four and two legged – settle in. Be sure to make use of that lovely bathtub to sooth those muscles achy from the move!

  18. Congratulations on the new house and best wishes on the move! I hope the cats enjoy the new home. Is there garden space for chickens and fruit? Will Sheriff Kara have a place to patrol? You can let us know when you’ve settled in sometime in January.

  19. Wow! You’ll have to tell the new owners that cats will continue to show up there for awhile until word gets around.
    You’ll have to tell us about the ducks and chickens. And how you’ll keep your outside cats contained. And all the boring strategic stuff. And how each individual cat has responded to this big event.

  20. Wow congrats! Moving sux, but being in a great new home almost makes up for it. I’ve not been up that way in a few years, but will forevermore have to repress the urge to honk as I pass Crooked Acres. Or not!

  21. Congratulations!!!! Hope the move goes well and can’t wait to read about the adventures in the new house! <3

  22. Hope your new house is all you dreamed it would be. I wish you much happiness there!

    Seems a bit sad that you will lose the ducks and other critters that you posted pictures of.

    Me, I want to move out of the city to a “homestead “ so that is probably just me.

    Here’s to a smooth move and new beginnings!!

  23. Congrats! The cats will have a sniffy, snooping time in that big house hitting every nook & cranny to settle into their new home. Gorgeous place. And the photos Fred has posted look spacious, so you can possibly have a couple rooms for fosters.

    Hang in there!

  24. You should try to get some Kia sponsorship out of this. 🙂 Looking forward to seeing the sights of Shady Cove and hearing all of the cats’ exploration adventures!!

  25. Congratulations! Looking forward to stories of the permanent residents as they take ownership of Shady Cove. Best wishes for a smooth and uneventful move.

  26. We’re all exited for you! Take your time unpacking and realize that some boxes may not be opened for months.

  27. Um WOW! I will miss Crooked Acres but wish you well in Shady Cove. I could never move just weeks before Christmas. Safe travels!

  28. Wow! I thought Crooked Acres was a gorgeous house, but I think Shady Acres is gorgeous too! And probably easier to take care of.

    Can’t wait to hear the adventures of moving all the cats. I’ve had a surprisingly easy time when I’ve had to move mine, and I imagine you will have planned the move with them in mind (probably more than yourselves!) so I’ll keep my fingers crossed.

    Of to check Fred’s posts on FB which somehow I missed before….

  29. WootWoot Congrats!! I very much enjoyed the “wouldn’t it be nice” posts from Fred. Looks lovely and I can’t wait for the posts to begin from Shady Cove.

  30. “I’ve written and scheduled posts to publish all next week with every tedious detail about what we’ve been doing these past six months”

    This is very clever of you! Congrats on the new place and successfully selling Crooked Acres.

  31. Wow! Congrats on the new digs!
    Hopefully the move goes/is going/went as smooth as possible…and all the animals forgive you for moving them, LOL! Took my cat a bit to forgive me… 😛

  32. The stresses of the holidays wasn’t enough for you, you had to add moving to the list. The new house looks beautiful! Looks big enough to have 2 kitten rooms. Keep us in the loop and by the way, CONGRATULATIONS!!!

  33. Many congratulations — I already adore the new house! And unsurprisingly, “as a favor to myself” is my new favorite phrase.


    But on a more serious note, thank you CrAc (lol how have you never used this acronym) for the bountiful fruit, veggies, chickies, ducks, dead catfish, and super serious patrol duties for Sheriff mama.

    I just have one question… if the cats are all zipped up in their carriers, how are you going to toss them all out the window on the drive to Shady Cove?!?!?! tsk tsk…. 😉 [throwback to your follow-up post to your moving announcement that made me laugh SO hard]

    Good luck!!!!!!!

  35. Did you warn the new owners about all the cat drop offs? Wonder how many kitties they’ll end up with. Haha

  36. WOW! To echo everyone, congratulations, and may it all go as smoothly as it can with those felines to move!
    Looking forward to the posts about the adventures, as well.

  37. Wow You and Fred always are most efficient. When pictures were showing up indicating you were looking, I figured you wouldn’t make it to Spring 2018, Congrats and I can’t wait to read the details. B-Bye chickens.

  38. Congratulations on your new adventure! Shady Cove looks gorgeous. Best wishes that your move goes as smoothly as possible and all the permanent residents settle in quickly and quietly. Huge undertaking with Christmas holiday coming up but you will certainly handled it well.

  39. Go your Christmas Postcard today! It is beautiful! Thank You for all the love you give to cats and sharing them with us !

  40. Best wishes in your new home. It looks beautiful and spacious. I am sure the cats will love having more room. I wonder how your predominantly outdoor residents will handle the move. I am sure you a leaving a lot of treasured memories behind. Looking forward to your posts from Shady Cove

  41. I just wanted to repeat the post about a product called Cat-Fence-In. I works really great containing “normal” cats in your yard, and it might be something to look into.
    By normal I mean cats other than my crazy boy Tiger.

  42. Wow! Time flies! I remember your last move (vicariously) and it seemed at the time you would have chosen to never move again. Looking forward to Shady Cove posts. Those houses by the river you posted about last year looked nice, but needed a lot of work. Hope this new one is in better shape, and hope the move goes well… Moving is not for the feint of heart.

    Can you have chickens at the new house?

    P.S. I am in awe of your cat carrier capture skills. I can barely manage to get my two into carriers without resorting to trickery and subterfuge. I can’t imagine bagging 11.

  43. I was so hoping that you were going to throw the permanent residents out a window on the way to the new house – and letting us know which corner we should stand at to catch them.

    Would so love to catch Jake or Frankie, or Archie or…..

  44. Congratulations! I can’t wait to see pictures of Shady Cove. Looks like it’s a big house.

  45. Ok….so what about the chickens and the ducks? We wubs them, too! You CANNOT leave Cruella behind!

  46. For those of you not on Facebook, Robyn said the chickens and ducks all have new homes and nobody went to Freezer Camp! 😀

  47. HOW DID YOU CATCH ALL 11 CATS AT ONCE?!?! Seriously, how on earth? I can imagine the first couple might be easy enough, but as soon as the others figure out what’s going on, wouldn’t they skedaddle? I’m lucky to be able to crate 2 of my 3 cats at the same time (which terrifies me if there’s an emergency and I have to get them all at once). SHARE YOUR SECRETS!

  48. I drive a Kia Soul and I can testify to the fact that they can fit a lot of stuff in the back!! Congrats on the new dwelling and happy move-in day!!

  49. So, in the category of weird stalker, I saw a green Kia Soul this morning (Saturday) in Huntsville with a “cat lady” sticker on it and I thought “I wonder if that’s Robyn”.

  50. Oh . . . my . . . I can only imagine listening to the chorus of crying kitties with that many in the car with you, singing the song of their people . . .

  51. Wow…. I can’t believe you’ve left the farm. I’m looking fwd to the new place and especially the reactions of the kittehs as they explore their new home. Your beds look great in the spacious bedrooms. I’m envious as my bedroom is so small l haven’t any sitting area. Congrats again!!!

  52. Shady Cove seemed like a familiar name, I thought it might have been the title of one of Fred’s books, but I see The Cove, not Shady Cove. At least it isn’t named Charnel House.