11-30-18 Friday

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ATTENTION, those of you in the Wilmington, NC area:

I live in the Soundside area of Wilmington and am moving Jan3rd.

For 6 months I have been feeding 2 stray males. One is a orange neutered male with his ear clipped. the other one is orange and white. I call him a Hemingway cat with the fifth toe on each paw. They are now fat and pretty. but not completely social. I am hoping someone in the are would feed them after I leave but so far no luck with the neighbors. Do you know of anyone in the Soundside area that may be feeding a colony?

If anyone has any suggestions for Barbara, please leave a comment or email me, and I’ll pass it along to her.


Are you going to keep the babies over the holidays, or will they go to PetSmart before that?

We’re waiting for room to open up at Petsmart, so it depends. If adoptions pick up and room clears at Petsmart, they’ll go to Petsmart. If not, they’ll stay here.


What is the floofiest kitty you have fostered?

This is an excellent question and is going to require a post (with pictures) of all the floofies we’ve had. I’ll get to that post soonish.


I hope Khal Drogo has been gracing you (his Weird Lady) with his presence more often in the evenings instead of Fred because that is one handsome cat, and what an honour that would be!

As the clock nears 6:00 every evening, Khal starts keeping an eye on the couch (which is where I spend TV time; Fred sits nearby in his recliner). As soon as I’m on the couch, Khal comes stomping across the room and hops up next to me. He requires petting (and if I stop petting before he’s ready, he complains). Once the petting is done, I generally fall asleep with my arm around him, and he usually stays there until TV time is over. I can’t remember the last time he tried to sit on Fred’s lap; I’m his TV time person (and to think, this time last year I could barely touch him.)

During the day, he acts like he’s never met me. He’ll let me pet him, but he does the draw-back and the “Whoa whoa WHOA, lady, have we met?” before he allows it.


That crazy pants video, I can’t even imagine what that must sound like from downstairs…. a herd of tiny furry elephants maybe? I know that’s what it sounds like at my house and I only have ONE crazy pants kitty (her older sister doesn’t get crazy much, mostly just cranky). Too funny!

When the herd really gets going, it is VERY loud downstairs – and since the computer room is directly below the foster room, it’s especially loud!


As the proud handler of a tuxie aka cow kitty, I can safely say no, not all of them have white whiskers. Miss Leah has black whiskers, with only one white one. I’d like to think she grew it especially for me but I doubt it.

That’s good to know! (I love it when house panthers have just one white whisker, so I can imagine a tuxie with one white whisker is equally adorable.)

And another country heard from: Tresa said “Dash does,” with photographic proof.


Do your cats get turkey? The cat we had when I was a teenager LOVED turkey. As soon as it started to smell like turkey, he was in heaven and would roll around under foot telling you (mom) how much he loved you. He always got a couple of bites before the rest of the family. After we ate, mom would cut up a bunch of scraps and he’d have his feast. He usually got turkey for a week after Thanksgiving.

If we’re having turkey (or chicken), a couple of the cats – usually Newt and Kara, though Archie and Frankie will sometimes join them – get a few small pieces.


Do you have SNOW down there?! In the last photo it looks like the yard has a thin white blanket—either that or you have a lot of light outside!

No, it’s just the light – it was a very bright and sunny day. We haven’t had snow (yet!) this year.


Oh, that Gauge.

Here’s a tip from me to you: if you want to get all 11 of your foster kittens in one picture, start when they’re just waking up from a nap. Better yet, wake them up from their nap so they’re sleepy and less inclined to go BOING-OING-OING-OING-ing into the air when a feather teaser comes a-callin’.

Clear some of the junk off the bed (would be nice if I’d straightened the pillow too, but oh well) and start wildly waving a teaser over your head. Ta da!

Those EYES. (And Cam in the background, talking to the feather teaser.)

As time goes on, they wake up completely and get more energetic, so you’ve got a narrow window to snap pictures.

“No more nicely posed pictures for YOU, lady.”

I love it when they sit up like meerkats.

And then the photo session was over as they hit the floor and headed to sit howling at my feet (or boing up in the air.)

Gauge, helping Tank keep it clean.

And Axle helping Fender keep it clean, while Solenoid is all “Sigh.”

“You see what I put up with here, lady?”

Pulley, out like a light.

Ditto for LoJack and Tank.

Axle and Tank. Please note that Axle’s foot is in perfect bunny-kicking-his-little-brother-in-the-behind position.

LoJack in the sun. Such a pretty boy.


Alice appreciates a good, soft blanket. She appreciates even more that I left it on the table for her. (I actually left it there for about 10 minutes while I was doing something else, she discovered it, and now I guess it stays there forever.)

YouTube link


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  1. “We haven’t had snow (yet!) this year.” Oh, would you like some? Because hey. We have LOTS up here already in Ottawa (Canada). And cold (like November’s too early for -18C cold).

    But, I have beautiful pictures of little kittens to warm me (look at LoJack’s little paws!), knowledge that you are the Moon of Khal’s life at least at TV time, and that Alice Mo has a thick warm blankie to sleep on, and that keeps me warm!

  2. The feral I started feeding 5-6 years ago lets me pick her up, and she snuggles against my face and licks my ear. But only before I feed her. Once she’s eaten she dances away from me if I reach out to her, as though she wouldn’t ever think of letting a person pet her let alone pick her up.

  3. My boy kitteh relaxes and purrs when I pick him up only if he knows his little sister is deep asleep somewhere. If she’s awake and I pick him up, he acts like a 4yo boy who squirms and whines that I’m getting girl cooties all over him. I suppose he has his rep to protect. I shoulda named them Danny and Rizzo…

  4. “Whoa whoa WHOA, lady, have we met?” cracked me up, Robyn. You are so clever, Robyn. You always make my day!!

  5. Thanks doe the responses on the whiskers.
    I just thought of this after seeing the well fed stray at my son’s house. He has the black and white cow cat pattern. I know that gray (blue) coloration is supposed to be due to a diluted black gene, but I have never seen a cow cat pattern in a blue and white cat. I have seen tuxes in blue and white, but not in gray and white. Also I never saw a patch calico with gray and cream patches.