11-29-18 Thursday

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Cam, in observation mode.

Tank and Gauge get their tussle on.

Pulley loves a good chin scratch.

LoJack’s ready for a nap.

That looks comfy, Gauge.

Cruise is all “We gonna nap, or we gonna nap?”

“We wasn’t talkin’ about you, lady.” (Clutch & LoJack)

“Yes we was.”

“Hallo.” (Axle)

Laundry Assistant Dynamo can’t decide whether she wants to assist… or take a nap.

Wahhhh… Have you heard that Solenoid is Da BAYbee?

Sleepy buncha muffins.


Jake on the wall, getting his loon on.


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11-29-18 Thursday — 4 Comments

  1. Are you going to keep the babies over the holidays, or will they go to PetSmart before that?