11-29-16 Tuesday

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“What’s going on up here, guys?”

Charleston, keeping an eye on the neighbors.

I only recently noticed that the tips of Raleigh’s ears are dark, as though he was left in the oven just a little too long.

“What’s up, shweetheart?” inquires Chesnee.

Charlotte LOVES to hang out in the pagoda.

Charleston LOVES to chew on his tail.

“Is MY tail. I can chew on it if I wanna!”


Iva says “C’mere, lady. I been savin’ a knuckle sammich for you.”

I never really realized how much ear floof Abby’s got going on ’til I saw this picture.

Raleigh, melting in the sun. See that little red thing on his back? That was a piece of a treat someone had left on the floor, which Raleigh rolled over and picked up, like a little kitteh lint brush. Right after I took this picture, Iva walked by, stopped, and ate it. Teamwork!

Five of the six. Abby wasn’t present in this picture because she preferred to stay curled up in my lap, and who am I to deny her?

The kittens are off for their spaying and neutering this morning. They’ll be home tonight – I don’t expect there to be any problems, they usually come through their surgeries just fine.


“Sheriff Mama gots better things to do than pose for you, lady.”


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