11-28-16 Monday

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I delivered some preserves locally last week, and I got to see someone you might recognize.

Do you know that face?

Does she look familiar?

That is, of course, the cat formerly known as Lucille Ball (Lucy), who came to us in March 2015. She was pregnant, and she made us wait FOREVER before she had her SEVEN (!) kittens, Belushi, Louis, Gilda, Shecky, Skelton, Rickles, and Roseanne. And THEN she took on the care of Carlin, who came to us when he was about 5 weeks old. (Shecky is now Gir Shecky, and Skelton and Carlin were adopted together and are now Red and George – and you can see them on Instagram along with their big brother Bill, who was one of the True Blood Six back in 2009!)

ANYway, Lucy is now Gilly, and that girl is just as silly as she was when she was here – with the advantage of not having to care for kittens. She’s living the life!

Isn’t she gorgeous?

She has got such soft, silky fur now, and she’s not at all shy.

Look at that belly!

Just. So. PRETTY!

It was so lovely to see her again in person. Thanks for letting me stop by, Pam!


“HI, Unca ‘Fon!”

“Chesnee, come give yer uncle a hug!”
“I not crazy, Unca ‘Fon.”

Stefan and the Crazy Eyes.

Whatcha watchin’, kittens?

Ah, yes. Uncle Loony discovered the silvervine toy – the Bella’s Blissful Hemp Pouch from Oskar and Klaus – and found it to his liking.

That toy was a pretty big hit with the kittens, too. I don’t know if Oskar and Klaus are running any Cyber Monday specials, but it’s worth checking out!

Five of the six kittens. Iva must have been off doing something important. We have Charleston on the far left, Aberdeen looking at the camera, Charlotte in front of her, Chesnee on the curvy scratcher, and Raleigh in the basket.

Abby looks very stern, doesn’t she?

They LOVE these window beds.


Every time I see Abby and Charlotte near each other, I try to get a picture to show that they do, indeed, look like sisters. Which doesn’t mean that they ARE, just that they certainly look like they could be.

Gorgeous Iva.


A year ago, I mentioned that a floofy black cat had started coming around – we started calling him Fancypants – but would vamoose as soon as he saw us. He disappeared at some point, and was gone for several months. Recently, he showed up again, and Fred got serious about taming him. At this point, he’s been able to touch Fancypants a few time, and Fancypants likes to walk around with his tail straight up in the air, talking to Fred. It’s only a matter of time before we’re able to get hold of him and cart him off to the vet.

Fred took this picture yesterday.

(I’m calling the cat “he”, but we don’t know yet whether it’s a male or female. We’ve discussed the possibility of some familial connection between Fancypants and Floomp/Privet.)

Stefan would like Fancypants to be aware of the hierarchy ’round this place.


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11-28-16 Monday — 15 Comments

  1. I don’t think Abby looks stern, the girl is working it, ala Tyra Banks you are AMERICA’s! NEXT! TOP! MODEL! CAT!

  2. Please ask Fred for his feral taming advice. I have 3 abandoned kitties who have shown up, and I’d love to get my hands on them. I’m going to trap and neuter them as soon as I can get on the shelter’s schedule, but I would love to introduce them to a better life.

  3. Not gonna lie, my mouth gaped a bit with excitement at seeing gorgeous Lucy/Gilly and I dribbled some melted cheese from my breakfast onto my shirt. Totally worth it to see that sweet girl again!

    I love Stefan reaching for that kitten… he’s so cuddly!

    I hope you’re able to get Floomp’s papa fixed and socialized enough to be adoptable! It’s obvious he needs a hoomin manservant to tend to his needs.

    • He’s proving to be a hard nut to crack! Hopefully we’ll at least be able to get him to the vet and neutered/spayed.

  4. So you’ve got a typo in the Lucy litter story. Carlin was the little orphan who joined the group, not Belushi. (And I had to go back and look it up!). 🙂

    Love past Mama updates and I can’t wait to see Fred work his magic further on the beautiful floofy newbie!!

  5. Gilly (Mama Lucy to her fans) and I loved visiting with you, too! She’s pretty sure anyone’s life is more complete if they get to meet her and pet her and play with her 😉
    The pear preserves are fantastic, folks!! They are just the perfect texture–slightly caramelly and sweet with just a hint of lemon. I’m gonna need more…