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Yesterday I had a zillion errands to run in Huntsville, and one of those errands was the purchasing of Cat Attract litter. Which they carry at Petsmart. So I stopped by and got my litter, and then went over to the cat room. Magoo and Joe Pickle were curled up together, sound asleep. I cleared my throat. I gently tapped the window. I cleared my throat again. They didn’t move in the slightest. I didn’t want to wake them up and get them all stirred up only to have to put them back in the cage, so I let them sleep.

They sure were cute (and they’re doing just fine.)

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

“Dingwall Scotty here, reporting live from the top of the cat tree in the foster room. ::thlurrp::”

“This holiday season, it is very important to keep your teeth flossed. I like to use this hanging stringy-rope thing which hangs here all handy like.”

“When I’m flossing my teeth, I like to make plans for the day…”

“…laugh at jokes I tell myself, think Deep Thoughts, you know. The usual.”

“Be careful when flossing, though. If you floss TOO vigorously, you might make yourself gag, and that’s no fun.”

“Gentle chomping works the best.”

“And that is how I floss. This is Dingwall Scotty for Kitteh-TV. Good day!”

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Purslane, climbing the cat tree.


Dandelion, on the top level of the cat tree. Perhaps I’ve mentioned that they love this cat tree like crazy?

Thistle in the background, apparently busy seeing dead people.

A few months ago, I took a pipe cleaner (I’ve got a pack of them) and twisted it together. It got lost, as so many cat toys do, and then it reappeared. Purslane is in LOVE with it. She carries it around all over the place, bats it around, sleeps with it. Who knew a pipe cleaner would be such a great toy?

Thistle, keeping an eye on the goings-on.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Stinkerbelle gives the stink-eye to a passing kitten.


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11-28-12 — 56 Comments

  1. [Raises hand] I knew! I knew a twisted pipe cleaner makes a great cat toy! Do I get a gold star?

    I’m glad that Scottie found his occupation. He makes a great reporterm although he seems to have missed the news that Stinkerbelle is down from the cabinets! I guess he wasn’t assigned to that particular breaking story!

    It’s great to see the girls looking so great and so grown-up!

  2. My cat Hobbes LOVES pipe cleaner toys. A few years ago, my friend’s kids made pipe cleaner ornaments for my Christmas tree, and I had to take them down because Hobbes kept stealing them. So I took two pipe cleaners, twisted them together, then twisted them into a ring, and voila! Instant cat toy. They do disappear rather easily though – I spend in inordinate amount of time retrieving them from under furniture. Hobbes isn’t allowed to bring them into the kitchen anymore because he likes to put them under the stove and it’s hard to get them back out again. He carries them around with him, dunks them in his water dish, and even brings them to bed. It’s hilarious!

  3. It’s good that Magoo and Joe are doing fine. Dingwall Scotty makes a great reporter πŸ™‚
    Also, my cat found a pipe cleaner last week or so. You would think it’s the next best thing since sliced bread. You know what is EVEN better than that though? Those fabric stress balls (hacky-sack balls). My cat has turned into a kleptomaniac and keeps stealing my son’s.

  4. Pipe cleaners make wonderful cat toys. Just twist the ends so they don’t cut themselves on them.

  5. I cut the raffia paper handles from a gift bag the other day and Willie Rae turned them into her favorite toy. She’s always carrying them around the house, trilling up a storm. ((Well, either that or growling while she drags a feather teaser… that girl just can’t be quiet!)

    I know what you mean about not stirring up trouble at the store. Four of the five cats in resident at Petco right now are my former fosters. I want to go in the back and squeeze them so badly, but Henry and Mama especially start up the drama when they see me come through the door. So I stay out front where they merely bang on the window and meow. Good thing I have 7 fosters in the house right now or I’d have to pack them all back up and bring them home πŸ˜‰

  6. Wow, Stinkerbelle has some beautiful markings, I think I only ever see her curled up. Love that Dandelion..she will be quickly adopted..gorgeous eyes. I bet you were glad to see the babies at Petsmart cuddling. I hope they get adopted soon.

  7. OMG, today’s post made my day. From DS reporting live, to Purslane’s permanent look of disgruntilation (her face always makes me want to smooch her reeeeal bad)… but then this happened:

    “Thistle in the background, apparently busy seeing dead people.”

    and I literally burst out laughing. (Good thing I was the only one in the office at the time!).

    As much as all your kitties are adorable, Robyn, it’s YOU who puts life into every picture with your hilarious commentary, and for that I thank you! My bad days are always much improved when I visit your site. πŸ™‚

  8. Too funny! Is it just me or do I see the same “Purslane is not impressed” look made so famous by the US gymnast in this summer’s games??? Okay, it could be just me… but it made me smile and as today is starting… a chuckle was definitely needed!

  9. Agree with what previous posters said about Dandelion….she will be adopted quickly, I think. With those gorgeous blue eyes and white fur, she deserves to be treated like the Indoor Queen she is! Ha. But Purslane has the perpetual worried look on her face, due to coloring, so I think she’ll find a home fast too.

    When do they go to Petsmart?

    • Soon, I hope (not that I’m trying to get rid of them, of course). Just waiting for room to open up. I wish adoptions would pick up!

    • Can’t you just see Dandelion with a big pink satin bow tied around her neck, posing for postcards and the like?

  10. best cat toy ever…take an extra long pipe cleaner, tuck the ends under, wrap around finger to make a spring…stretch it out a little and wiggle it in front of your cat…

    my Melrose will be lost in play for hours…I just got up and made him one and he’s off on a bender…if I find it later I’ll shake it in a bag with catnip and tuck it somewhere he’s sure to find it…

    sharing some good news…a coworker is getting 2 rescue kitties for her family for Christmas…one is all black(!!!) and the other will be chosen by her 2 year old son…he loves kitties and is very gentle with them…

  11. “busy seeing dead people” LOL! That movie CREEPED ME OUT! gaaaah

    The look Purslane gives you made me think you could have a whole series called “Not Judging You.” Stompers, of course, then Purslane, the pic of Petey Pickle on the sidebar has that “not judging you” kind of look, Stinkerbelle, Miz Poo…

  12. I loved “Busy seeing dead people” too. I love the spooky stuff!

    I agree Purslane and Dandelion are both destined to be snapped up quickly. It would be hard to choose if adopting a kitten when both were available. They would make an awesome pair-what contrast!

  13. There are cats from a local shelter in one of our local pet stores. They look so much like Stinerkerbell but with gold eyes. My husband starts petting one and then they all want to be pet and the purrrs and purrs. If they weren’t already all adopted (waiting for paperwork) I would have more cats. He said “we can handle a few more” and that is when I knew we were in trouble.

    • I wish Stinkerbelle loved to be petted – but then again, the fact that she ordinarily doesn’t like to be petted makes the times when she allows it that much more special. πŸ™‚

  14. Leo ‘cleans’ his teeth that way on his red stringy! But he will be studying the infomercial by Dingwall Scotty very carefully for any pointers he doesn’t already know! MOL
    It seriously kills me that I can’t have Dandelion.. seriously!
    That Stinkerbelle, what a pretty girl!

  15. Haha, Dingwall Scotty “gagging” on that rope looks hilarious! It’s good to know he has such excellent hygiene!

  16. Yesterday, I was snooping around your flickr and saw some of today’s pictures. I must remember not to do that again if I want the surprise.

    And I love the Suggie blocked the snuggle post below!

  17. I think Pursie should write an ODE TO PIPECLEANER TOY (accompanied by photos). I am sure that she can channel it though our Miss Robyn. Good day! :o)

  18. Please stop posting pictures of Purslane and Dandelion.

    It is KILLING me.

    If I didn’t have 2 cat-monsters already, I’d seriously drive to Alabama and beg you for them.

  19. I’m a little surprised that Magoo is still at the store. Figured Fred would have gone and brought him home by now.
    Something tells me if he did that, he probably wouldn’t be in the dog house for very long.

    Just sayin’.