12-18-20 Friday

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I counted the kittens & mamas adopted this year, from the side panel. Thirty-five! not yet including Annie Oakley and Eclair, nor Fritter and Pretzel, who will go soon. That will be a total of THIRTY-NINE kittens (and mamas) for 2020!! Wow!

Plus Bunny (who is still at Michelle’s) and poor sweet Anne (who was only with us for a few days before she passed on). So, 41! I haven’t looked back to compare to previous years, but I do believe that’s a record for me.


In case you missed it on social media, yesterday…

Eclair and Annie Oakley were adopted (TOGETHER) and went home! They join a wonderful family with another kitty (who looks a lot like Eclair), a couple of dogs, and some teenage humans.

Eclair, who until now has been really nervous around strangers, stomped right on over to her new family and sniffed ’em all over. Annie Oakley was confident and playful – and when they opened the carrier, she climbed right in to check it out.

This leaves us with Pretzel and Fritter, who will be with us until after Christmas. Starting today, we’re going to let them run around the entire house during the day (Alice: “You’re WHAT?!”) and then put them in the kitten room at night.

Someone somewhere asked (was it Facebook? Instagram? I don’t remember!) if we’re taking a break from fostering for a little while. Usually around this time of year I declare we’re taking a break, and then we don’t. This year I’m not going to bother to declare a break – I don’t feel like we really need one. Now, with just two kittens, is pretty calm and relaxed.

Today’s post includes the rest of my Annie Oakley and Eclair pics.

“HALLO!” Left to right: Eclair, Pretzel, Annie Oakley, Fritter.

Annie Oakley with the big eyes.

Oh those snuggly girls.

Annie Oakley and those big eyes again.

Watching the goings-on.

Eclair – also big-eyed, also watching the goings-on.

Annie and Pretzel have a tussle.

I went upstairs to see what the kittens were doing, and they were enjoying the heated blanket on my bed (which I had turned on for them, of course. I’m not a MONSTER.)

“Uncle Charlie is right, this stack of beds is COMFY.”

Annie Oakley in a pile of tinsel garland. Her tail sticking up back there just cracks me up.

When I took a nap the other day, Fritter and Eclair were total pillow hogs. But it was kind of nice to have Fritter curled around my head and Eclair purring in my ear. (Picture taken with the SnapChat app, using my favorite filter Pencil Sketch.)


Khal’s simultaneously enjoying that heated bed and keeping an eye on me.


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