12-18-18 Tuesday

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Regarding holiday cards: I’ve received a bunch (thank you!) and have started scanning them. You can look for yours in this album at Flickr, or scroll through them below. (I picked up a bunch at the post office yesterday, but haven’t had a chance to scan them yet. I will in the next day or two, though!)

2018 Holiday Cards Received


Clutch in the tub. That boy loves to hang out in the tub.

LoJack’s all “GIMME that camera, I needs to take a selfie!”

Fender looks a little surprised to see me.

“Lady, you gots a lot of shower products,” says Clutch judgmentally.

I love this shot of LoJack snoozing in the sun.

Cam at the tail end of a yawn.

Solenoid watchin’ birds.

Axle, watchin’ me.

I feel like I’ve interrupted a very important discussion between Pulley and Dynamo.

Axle gettin’ flirty.

I wish these kittens – especially Axle – could figure out how to relax.

Snuggle pile.


Jake needed a snuggle and Khal is having an existential crisis.


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12-18-18 Tuesday — 8 Comments

  1. Oops! I think I sent your card to the wrong PO Box! Yes, I admit I’m a skimmer! I like to get right to the pictures! Anyway, Merry Christmas to all of you!!

  2. I didn’t realize that Jake is (ahem) such a large-bodied boy! Cute snuggle pic!

  3. Jake and Khal!!

    As usual, the captions are delightful.

    2009 – chickens from the sky… ALWAYS funny!!

  4. You can tell by the serious look on Dynamo’s face that she was having a deep discussion with Pulley!

  5. Khal has really mellowed! Love seeing him with the other residents! Come one people! These kitties need homes! Look at all the oranj loveliness! How about home torte and tabby cuteness?