12-19-18 Wednesday

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In case you missed it last night:

That’s right, our boy LoJack went to his wonderful new home last night! He was very curious about exploring, and initial introductions to his big kitty sister went well, with no hissing and a lot of curiosity from her.

Happy life, sweet boy!


You’ll be seeing LoJack’s face in posts through the end of the week, I would imagine – I took a ton of pictures yesterday because it was so nice and sunny and bright.

Nap time for LoJack.

This picture, however, was not from yesterday – it was from when Tank/Ron was still with us. I was trying very hard to get a picture of all 9 of them, and they were just waking up and feelin’ grumpy.

Those grumpy, annoyed little faces crack me up.

Dynamo is 100% over my nonsense.

“Lady, why you wake us up?”

“Going back to sleep now, night night.”

LoJack from above.

This picture is so cool.



“WAHHHHH!” (Solenoid)

“No I’M da BAYbee!” (LoJack)

“No, ME!” (Fender)

“No, meeeee…” (Axle)


Newt, enjoying the sun while it lasts.


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12-19-18 Wednesday — 22 Comments

  1. Yay LoJack! That’s the best news ever for you, sweet boy. And you are going to have an awesome Christmas with your family!

    Are the babies going to stay at Shaddy Cove over Christmas (unless they’re adopted)?

  2. I’m not a bad mom or cat person am I? Yesterday I put down my forever favorite white kitty, Sam.

    Can I still call myself Sam’s mom?

    • So sorry for your loss. Yes, you are still Sam’s mom. Just because our babies have crossed the Rainbow Bridge doesn’t mean that they are not our babies anymore. They may be gone, but they will never be forgotten. It is always a hard decision to make when it is time, but it is one that you made with love in your heart to end your baby’s suffering. Sam is now free of pain and sending you love from above to say Thank You Mommy.

      • Sam would tell you he’d had a wonderful time, and thanks for everything. Of course you’re still Sam’s mom

    • Yes. You always will be. Sometimes putting them down is the right thing to do, even when it’s hard. She’ll be there for you on the other side of the Bridge.

    • I’ve had to put down a beloved pet several times now. It’s never easy to make that decision, but when done out of love to prevent or end suffering, it is absolutely the right thing to do for our furry companions. It’s obvious how much you loved Sam, and he knew that, too. He left this world in love and peace.
      Please know that your heart will heal with time, and you may eventually want to find another fur-person who needs a loving home – and Sam will approve. Be gentle with yourself as you go through this difficult time. Sending you great big hugs from Wisconsin!

    • You will ALWAYS be Sam’s mom and he loves you still. Sending you hugs and purrs at this difficult time…

  3. You will always and forever be Sam’s mom. Absolutely not a bad mom or cat person. Sometimes, we need to help our sick kitties and putting them down is a kindness.

    We second guess ourselves and wonder if we have made the right decision. Trust in yourself and most of all be kind to yourself during this difficult time as you grieve the loss of your kitty Sam.

  4. Bill says: I am so very, very, very happy that LoJack found his forever family. Now I no longer have to wonder if I am going to wake up to another kitten in the house.

    Jessica, Andre, and Bella (and Bill and Kay) wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and hope that the rest of the kittens and all the others at PetSmart or in other foster homes find their forever families for real soon.

  5. Gretchen: Looks like you were spot-on about LoJack in your Sunday comment.
    Robyn: You can’t pull one over on us readers that easily. We’re always looking for clues 🙂