12-19-17 Tuesday

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I finally got around to scanning in the holiday cards I’ve received thus far, and you can either scroll through them below, or click on over to Flickr to see them there. (I’ve scanned all the ones I’ve received thus far, but if you don’t see the one you sent, don’t fret – I’ll be going to the post office later this week to check the box, I’m sure it’s there waiting for me!)

2017 Holiday Cards Received


Archie (pics of him taken at Crooked Acres.)

The baleful glare.

“What you want, lady?”

“Seriously, lady.”

Pretty boy.

Keeping an eye on the other cats.

Just hanging out.

There must have been something special about the sink at Crooked Acres – I haven’t seen Archie in or near the sink here. He’s still killin’ dish towels, though, worry not.


Alice Mo, hanging out on Fred’s bed.


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12-19-17 Tuesday — 13 Comments

  1. Oh, I love the Christmas Cards – and I believe I spied a former foster of yours??? “Bill”, maybe? The litter with the eyelip issues? Swoon… he still melts me! I love all the animal cards… there’s a great group of peeps in this community, Robyn – but i know you know that. I know my card arrived the day after you made the trip to your PO box… so it’s there… waiting for you!!! 🙂 Oh, and Archie… Archie!!! Isn’t it rare for a male cat to have tri-coloring? I do know that he’s definitely one of a kind and perfect! Happy “at least it’s not Monday” Tuesday, y’all!

    • Why yes! You did spot True Blood Bill along with brothers Red and Georgie ( aka Skelton and Carlin from the Fools) and big sis Izzy…

      • D’awwwwww! LOVELY family, Ann J!!!! I am jealous! Thank you for pointing them out!!!!! awesome card!

        • Awww thanks!!! 🙂 Meowy Christmas to you and yours and the rest of the Love and Hisses readers from my hooligans!

    • I didn’t even see the dishtowel the first time I looked at that picture, but I’m inclined to agree…he’s lying in wait!

  2. Archie just has resting b!tch face, doesn’t he? For a former feral, he’s not the greatest hunter. Or maybe a dishtowel’s the closest thing to a challenge in his new environment.

    Really curious how Khal’s affected the clowder, if Frankie’s still the new center or if Khal’s becoming domesticated quickly. He has the cutest pink kitten tongue.

    And not to be Negative Nellie, but a cat fence? Is that in the same aisle as the squirrel proof birder? I don’t care if a group of MIT students spent three semesters designing those things as senior projects. The squirrels will figure it out over a weekend. And I can imagine one or two permanent residents (eventually) quietly sitting on the OTHER side of it just to annoy you.

    • Whups. meant bird FEEDER, not a birder.

      Too stupid to spell and dumber than a squirrel that can defy gravity and the laws of physics to get to that birdseed.

  3. It always makes me laugh when I see the collection of cards sent to you and there is always that one that is not a xmas card. Thank you 😉

  4. The cards are great! One duplicate and its my favorite-the kittens in stockings hung on the fireplace. That cute little Monkeybutt reminds me of Simon.