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That is an amazing closet !!! No wonder you have no worries about the Girls being in there while the others are in the main room. It is like a whole other room. It won’t be long before they are playing and cuddling together.

Are the closets in the rest of the house like that too ? You sure do have a fantastic house for fostering !!!

I WISH the closets in the rest of the house were like that, but unfortunately they’re not nearly that size. I’m thinking that when this house was built (it’s 80 years old), the people didn’t have as much STUFF as we do. We have a decent number of closets, and they’re not tiny. What they are, though, is long and narrow, so that stuff gets lost in the back of the closet, because it’s hard to get back there due to all the STUFF in the way.

I do love our foster room, and that there’s room in the closet for lots of storage, plenty of litter boxes, and even room for a trio of girl kitties to hang out and feel safe!


Where did you get those big black trays the litter boxes are sitting in? I want to find one for mine!

I got those at Gardeners.com – they’re called Jumbo Boot Trays, and I have several of them. You can buy them with rubber grids, though I didn’t because I worried that kittens would either get their feet stuck in the holes, or find them confusing. The trays do a great job of containing the litter scatter, and between those and the Soggy Dog chenille doormats there’s been close to zero litter tracking from the closet to the foster room.


This is a such an amazing community! I am overwhelmed at the love for my (!!!) little Terry. He really is a special boy. He was very confident as her roamed the house this morning, when I let him out of my bedroom. I think his confidence threw my dogs off their game and they seemed very skittish and nervous. Silly babies! In case anyone is interested in seeing them, my dogs made it on Cute Overload. With the addition of Terry, we are at total cute overload at our house!

That picture is INSANELY adorable!! (And I continue to be SO THRILLED that you adopted him!)


Just realized (little tired this morning so I’m a bit slow today sorry) that first pic of Lita and Pat together in the carrier… they’re making a HEART shape! Robyn you clever lass tugging on our heart strings that way. 😉 I know I know, just luck…suure.

I SWEAR that I didn’t notice that until you pointed it out. And now I just love love love it!


The Hydrox and the flying chicken story slays me every time.

I love it too! Once things calm down after the holidays, I’m hoping to get a page put up linking to favorite posts, at which time I’ll ask y’all to suggest your favorite posts to add there!


Friends of Love & Hisses:
FLoHi ? (not sure of the pronunciation: flow-hi, flow-hee?)

I think it could be pronounced either way!


It sounds like the new girls are doing great, but how do you tell Lita and Stevie apart? Or do they really not look just alike in person?

It’s hard to tell in pictures, but Stevie is gray and Lita is brown. Also, Stevie has white feet, and Lita has a scraped spot on her nose. I need a nice sunny day, so I can get really good pictures of them so y’all can see the difference.


Lizzy has a half tail???

She does. I don’t know if she was born that way or something happened, but it’s utterly adorable!


watch this!!! (evil laughs at the cats ) heehee

YouTube link.

I laughed, but I felt guilty about it. (And then I watched it again!)


have you seen this? hmmm, how about The Crooked Acres Cafe, with Fred in the kitchen cooking while you schmooze with the customers?

Wouldn’t that be cool?


Gorgeous, gorgeous boy.

Molly, hangin’ around, lookin’ a little wild-eyed.

Tree full of nutty kittens. But where’s Lizzy?

Off to the side, staying out of the fray. They make her a little nervous when they all get crazy. Though, to be honest, she gets nutty pretty often, herself.

“This platform is comfy. I should hang out here more often!”

Jethro, eyeballing the feather teaser.

Lita comes out to see what’s going on. TC turns to look at her…

And there was no hissing or growling between these two. It’s a definite start! (Molly and Lizzy and Jethro are still in that growling stage.)

Lita in the front, Stevie in the back.

“Madame, I don’t care for your tone.”

These kittens – well, Lita and Stevie, at least – really like to stretch tall. It could have something to do with the fact that they spend a lot of time curled up in the carrier, I suppose.

I didn’t manage to get a picture of Pat for today. She still spends most of the day in the closet, though every time I go into the room, I bring her out and cuddle with her. Fred and I always go in and hang out with the kittens for a while before bed, and last night all three girls were exploring the room, even Pat. They really liked the cat tree, were very interested in the windows, and thought the track toy was a lot of fun.

All three of those girls have really really soft and silky fur. They also really like to be snuggled!


I did NOT buy that blue bed to match Stinkerbelle’s eyes. NO I DIDN’T. (I totally did.)


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  1. A little late to the party (been traveling), but welcome Rocker Chicks!!! Ohhhh Stevie is Purdy – the Madame, I don’t care for your tone pic… SQUEEEEE! For the fave posts, the story of Dennis’s adoption…please? Still gets me EVERY time. Stinkerbelle is so pretty! Definitely a cat of her ‘status’ needs bed/bedding to coordinate and enhance her beauty – – to conflict w/it would only be a moot point! “As it should be” in her realm! Glad to be back! Love your blog! A day without Love & Hisses is truly a day without sunshine!

  2. Stevie is purdy!!! I love her subtle color changes in her stripes.

    Love Stinker’s blue bed. EXCELLENT color choice!!!

  3. having a brain fart…Have you ever given a list of where your Christmas cards come from? Like which countries and states? That would be cool to see!

  4. I agree that the Dennis adoption (and the build up to it !) is a great story. Although I have to say that Norbie’s adoption by Khalessi (still tear up when I read it) is an awesome one !!! I have so many favorites !!!!

    • Oh yes! Reading about how Robyn and Fred slipped little Norbie in the mix between pushes is a great post!! And Khalessi’s face, counting the babies… 😀

  5. Robyn, Loved the sing tree video, I jumped almost as high as the cat and then really laughed out loud. So evil, but we’ve done something similar to our furbabies too. You just can’t help yourself, I know, You just have to do it no shame in that. So that said we want more of the same type of videos. I almost always laugh at your videos of the kittens. Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!!!!

  6. I get eleventy-million Gardener’s Supply catalogs a year–how did I miss that/not think of that?? I was just saying we need something big enough to go under the jumbo kitty litter boxes! cool

    Before I order it–have you ever had a kitty pee on it, and if so, does it stay reasonably un-smelly after you rinse it off? cause we have cats that like to pee juuust outside the box once in a while.

    • Yeah, I’ve had cat pee get on it, and had no problem with it smelling. I usually wipe up the pee, spray regular cleaning spray on the spot, and then wipe that up, and it doesn’t smell at all.