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All the pictures in today’s post were taken with my iPhone (I was away for most of the morning and early afternoon, didn’t have any pictures in reserve and thought it would be easier to deal with getting pictures from my phone to my computer than the way I usually do it.)

Jethro likes to be held like a baby. Well – he likes it as long as I’m rubbing his belly. He wasn’t pleased that I had stopped rubbing to take this picture, and was getting ready to bolt.

Bowl full o’ tuxie. Is it just me, or does he look more than a little loony?

Pouty TC in my lap.

If you were around back then, that’s the Perla bed in which Kate birthed and raised her kittens (the Royals). When I was poking around in the closet where I keep extra cat beds and toys and the like, I saw it and thought that it would be perfect for the foster room, to contain the cat beds that the kittens love to move all over the place. Which, I mean, I don’t care if they move the beds around, but they sometimes end up in the water bowls which drives me a little crazy. The Perla bed contains and restrains that pile of cat beds nicely. And Lizzy loves to lay there.

Here’s Kate with her babies, who were just a few days old, in that same bed.

The closet (and carrier and litter boxes – there are more litter boxes that you can’t see in this picture) that Lita, Stevie and Pat call home base at the moment.

“Why you not pettin’ me, lady?”

Lita and Stevie check out the foster room.

This displeases Madame, who hissed at them when she realized they were exploring.

This is the look Lita gave Molly after the hiss. Cracks me UP.

Stevie, checking out that (empty) plate.

Sweet miss Lizzy (but don’t be fooled – she’s done her share of growling at the new girls.)

Molly and Jethro on the tree.


Silly boy.

Brudders, tussling.

The Girl Rockers are coming out of the closet more and more, especially Lita. She’s the most confident of the three. Stevie’s right behind her and they can both often be seen checking out the room briefly before skittering back into the closet. Pat is the scaredy cat and usually only comes out on her own at night, when things are quiet. I’m sure that in a few more days, they’ll be out more. Already, Jethro and TC have stopped growling at the new guys. It’s been more peaceful than I expected – and I highly expect that by this time next week, the boys won’t even remember that Pat, Stevie and Lita aren’t actually their sisters.


I have a couple of short videos (also shot with the iPhone) for you, too!

In the first, TC was hiding under a cat bed, and it was making Moly and Jethro a little nutty.

YouTube link.

And in the second, Lita is playing with a feather, and Molly was sitting right outside the closet watching her (Stevie comes wandering up, too.) There’s no jumping or hissing or growling, just so you know.

YouTube link.


Corbie, waiting patiently for his belly rub.


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12-18-14 — 13 Comments

  1. OK, can I just say that I love that you named a girl kitty Pat? since that’s my name and I am a girl! (That SNL character has a lot to answer for, let me tell you!)

  2. I want that closet! Although I wouldn’t keep kittens in it (probably….unless maybe I had a kitten collection… like you!).

    It sounds like the new girls are doing great, but how do you tell Lita and Stevie apart? Or do they really not look just alike in person?

  3. I’m looking at Jethro and wondering what the heck happened to the kittens that were in the foster room? Where did these full-grown cats come from suddenly?

    I swear each litter grows faster than the last.

  4. quick question Robyn… where did you get those big black trays the litter boxes are sitting in? I want to find one for mine!

  5. Aww love the pic of Kate and babies.

    When I read Ms Benatar “only comes out on her own at night” the radio in my head went straight to Maneater by her chart contemporaries Hall & Oates. The lyrics work very well for girl kitties.

  6. By the way, Lizzy looks JUST LIKE my little stray I took in. And my little stray (Laney) is maybe 6 lbs max….full grown!!!! After picking up/holding my hefers…she feels like a kitten! LOL. (Ok…mine aren’t fat…but are large cat breed mixes.)

  7. That is an amazing closet !!! No wonder you have no worries about the Girls being in there while the others are in the main room. It is like a whole other room. It won’t be long before they are playing and cuddling together.

    Are the closets in the rest of the house like that too ? You sure do have a fantastic house for fostering !!!

    PS I got my Christmas card today !!!!!! LOVE IT !!!!

  8. “When I was poking around in the closet where I keep extra cat beds and toys and the like…”! Hee hee! Spoken like a true Cat Lady. I only have a shelf in the mud room, and a box in my spare room closet. Me and my guys are a tad envious…

    *smooch* Corbie!