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Guess what guess what? Guess what happened on Sunday? Guess who went home?

Terry did!!!

(You can read the Throwback Thursday about Terry, who was adopted five years ago and returned in November, here.)

Christine – who is, indeed, a Friend of Love & Hisses (FL&H?) – couldn’t get Terry out of her mind, so last week emailed to ask if he’d ever been around dogs. I didn’t know, so I asked Susan, who said that she’d take her dogs into the cat room the next morning and see how he reacted. He reacted by not even noticing them, really, because he was more about talking to Susan and being petted. So Christine, who lives in Georgia, applied to adopt him. As it happens, she had friends who were going to be in the area this past weekend, and they were willing to pick him up and bring him back with them.

So they picked him up Saturday evening, and on Sunday he went home!

Christine reported: He is a total sweetie. He purrs and talks like crazy! Love it! He’s doing well with the dogs. He hasn’t hissed once at them and they have been a bit relentless. He’s been taking a break in our room and when we go visit, he just talks and purrs and kneads his paws.

He really is just a charming boy. My husband is quite charmed by him, as well. He said this morning, “It’s pretty cool how he talks and purrs and wants attention so much. He’s a really friendly guy.” He seems to particularly like it when Terry stands up on his back legs and reaches out to him to get him to pet him and he even talks back to Terry when Terry is talking to him.

Is that just incredibly wonderful news? SO AWESOME! Christine has promised she’ll update us from time to time, yay!


TC? What’s the matter, buddy? Why are you so freaked out?!

“That’s not me, lady. What are you, blind? We don’t look anything alike!”


That’s right, we have two new kittens!

Make that THREE new kittens!

Say hello to…

Lita Ford.

Stevie Nicks.

Pat Benatar.

That’s right, we’ve got three girl rockers! They’re a couple of weeks older than the other kittens, and basically the foster home Susan had lined up for them fell through, so we took ’em. They’ve already been tested, spayed, and had their first vaccinations. They came from a family in Huntsville who does TNR and needed a place for these guys to go (I think.)

Right now, they’re really scared, and are spending a lot of time huddled in the closet, in a carrier (which has the door propped open so they can come and go.) The closet door is open, so the other kittens came come in and use the litter boxes (the closet is a very large one, so these girls aren’t right on top of the litter boxes or anything). The only interaction between the two litters has been hissing and growling. We’ve brought the girls into the foster room several times, and they’re interested, but very timid. They’ve all three purred for us, so I’d say they’re just scared, not feral. They like to be held. As they relax and explore some more, I’m certain the two litters will relax around each other – but for now, I’m glad that we have the closet for them to retreat to and feel safe.

This plate has Stevie and Jethro both eating off of it – I’ve been giving snacks to the two litters separately, but Jethro followed me into the closet to see what was going on, and was all “Oh, food remnants! Well, let me help you with that.” Both kittens were growling at each other the entire time they were eating.

Lizzy shows off her half-tail.

I pulled the Croc bed out of the closet, and the kittens found it verrrrrry interesting.



“Well, that is VERY tasty for a synthetic material. Very tasty indeed!”

Lizzy in a playful moment.

Jethro, observing.

PS: I have changed the litter name for Jethro, TC, Molly and Lizzy to “The Classic Rockers”, because “The Rockers” sounds like, you know, a litter of kittens you’d sit and rock in. Or who like to rock back and forth. I’m going to refer to Lita, Pat and Stevie as “The Girl Rockers”, just to distinguish them from the other litter.

PPS: I was totally going to name these girls Joan Jett, Cherie Currie, and Lita Ford, and name them The Runaways, but a Joan Jett already came through Challenger’s House, so I switched it up.


Newt enjoys the sun.


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12-17-14 — 51 Comments

  1. The Hydrox and the flying chicken story slays me every time.

    Those little girl rockers are adorable. Ms. Benatar’s eyes are amazing.

  2. Christine!!!! Thank you soooo much to making Terry a member of your family! I love that your husband is smitten with him! πŸ™‚ Sounds like he now has the perfect home and perfect parents!!! “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure!” That is what I say about my three…and now my fourth that has wondered up and was in need of food. Or should I say “five” if I count the possum that has been eating the food, too? Ha!

    Awwwwww…welcome Girl Rockers. You will quickly learn that you have just struck gold!!!

    Squeezes to Newt!!!!

  3. Terry!!! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ I have the major warm fuzzies now. He was always my favorite of the True Blood kittens. So happy that the sweet, talkative, purry snuggler has a home again. Please keep us updated on how Mr. Lovebug is doing?

    New kittens! Hi newbies. πŸ™‚ You’ve won the kitty lottery, I swear. Nothing to be skeered about.

  4. So happy for Terry and his new parents!!!! Wonderful news and what a loving home he has!! New babies… SO pretty!!!!

  5. Oh!!!! I am sooo happy for Terry that he’s got a wonderful home now for Christmas!!!! Will share the news with his brother Bill tonight!

  6. Christine I love you and your husband…probably as much as Terry does…thanks for giving that boy the home he deserves…new kittens…new kittens…lucky little monkeys

  7. Yay Terry and yay, yay, yay Christine and hubby!!! See, I knew Friends of Love & Hisses might be able to step up when former fosters are returned! So fingers crossed for Mr. Stripey, Creed and Sookie now!

    Love the new rocker girlies, but Stevie Nicks really should have been the black kitty’s name!! (Full disclosure – I’m a big, big, BIG Stevie Nicks fan!) πŸ˜€

    • I like Stevie Nicks, but don’t know much about her – why should the black kitty be Stevie Nicks? (And why do I always want to type “Stevie Knicks”?)

      • Stevie tends to wear flowing black dresses when she performs and she has a witchy/Wiccan reputation (did you see her cameo in American Horror Story: The Coven last year?). So I thought a black kitty was more appropriate namesake!

  8. Thank you SO much for sharing the Tuxie twins! Cross those fingers we find them a place for the Holidays. <3 you all!
    Also? I'm no grinch but I think Terry's story just made my heart grow 10 sizes. <3 <3

  9. I am just so, SO happy that Terry found his forever home with Christine! Hoyt says hurray for his brother and I know you will love him to pieces. The True Blood 6 certainly have had their challenges, and they will HAZ COMPLAINTS, but they are a special group of kitties. Hi Bill’s Mama AnnJ !!

  10. What a lovely story about Terry and his new family. I love how the timing worked out as Christine had friends who could pick him up and deliver him to his furever home.

    Yay for the Girl Rockers. I’m looking forward to stories about how the two litters befriend each other as I’m sure will happen.

    • I should add that Christine was completely prepared to drive here to get him, but it was pretty perfect that her friends were going to be here so she didn’t have to make the round trip. πŸ™‚

  11. Woot woot for Terry and his new parents Christine and Mr. Christine. I was so very excited to read the news. I love that Terry has already won Mr. Christine’s love with the talking and purring. The kitties know just how to worm their way into each person’s heart.
    Love the Girl Rockers. I suspected there was someone else hiding in the first picture in the carrier. They have hit the kitty lottery for sure.

  12. At first I had happy tears for Terry and his fabulous new family !!! Thank You for adopting him :)Sounds like things will work out perfectly !! looking forward to updates.

    Then I was all SQUEEE 3 new kittens !!!!! I couldn’t wait to check out the blog this morning after the teaser yesterday on Facebook. Robyn you little sneak you made us think it was only one new kitten !!!! Need a video of the growly eating !!!

    What an awesome day for kitties !!!!!!

  13. Just realized (little tired this morning so I’m a bit slow today sorry) that first pic of Lita and Pat together in the carrier… they’re making a HEART shape! Robyn you clever lass tugging on our heart strings that way. πŸ˜‰ I know I know, just luck…suure.

  14. Christine, you are a Christmas miracle for Terry! Thank you so much for being such a wonderful animal lover to share your home with him. Made me cry tears of joy…

  15. I’m so happy for Terry! Christine, you and your husband are awesome!! The new kittens are adorable, I hope they get settled in quickly.

  16. Love reading about Terry’s happy ending and the introduction of the grrrl rockers. Their names are most excellent.

    Friends of Love & Hisses:
    FLoHi ? (not sure of the pronunciation: flow-hi, flow-hee?)

  17. This is a such an amazing community! I am overwhelmed at the love for my (!!!) little Terry. He really is a special boy. He was very confident as her roamed the house this morning, when I let him out of my bedroom. I think his confidence threw my dogs off their game and they seemed very skittish and nervous. Silly babies! In case anyone is interested in seeing them, my dogs made it on Cute Overload (http://cuteoverload.com/2014/11/28/santa-sandwich/). With the addition of Terry, we are at total cute overload at our house!

    • What cute Boxers and a great picture! I bet Terry will have them wrapped around his paws in no time. This time next year I hope we’ll see all three in Santa’s lap! πŸ˜€

      Christine, I went back and saw your comment when Robyn first posted that Terry had been returned. I’m so glad that your heart lead you to take a chance and adopt him!

    • I so want a picture with Terry in the middle next year.

      I love hearing how quickly he’s bonded with you and especially your husband.

      That’s a very, very special story.

    • Boxers are such sweet dogs! I am sure that they will just LOVE Terry!!! How could they not??? πŸ™‚

  18. I am crushed that you couldn’t use Joan Jett – oh, songs of my youth! Beautiful kittens, all of them!

  19. I love the names of the Girl Rockers! They’re very lucky to be taken care of by you and Fred. You both rock! πŸ˜€

  20. I love it! The Girl Rockers have kick.a$s names, and I’m pretty sure attitudes to match! Could this be the coolest bunch of kittens ever (or at least since the last batch)?!!

    (‘kay, Stevie? When you get introduced to catnip? Read up on what your namesake did to get her fix of uh, human catnip…)

  21. So happy for Terry and his new family! He will have those puppy dogs wrapped around his paw in no time!