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For the newer readers, a Flookdate is an update from Selena, who adopted Flynn (who was Kohle when he was with us) and Hook (who was Puff, one of Khaleesi’s kittens, and brother to Norbie, yesterday’s update subject).

So I just got to thinking it’s been a while since I sent an update of my two crazy boys. I know you see pics on Facebook and Instagram but I thought the readers might want to see current pictures. By the way, I adopted Flynn two years ago tomorrow! I can’t believe it’s been that long already.

Hook gets a little wild eyed when he see birds out the window.

Nothing has changed. They still LOVE cuddling on the top part of the cat tree. They are both a just a bit too big to fit though.

This was a very rare moment of Hook cuddles with me! He is NOT a lap cat and does not want to be held.

Flynn is still the sweetest cat ever!

This is FrankenHook. He sleeps like this a lot.

Flynn loves a good box!

He’s very judgmental.

I went on vacation in September and Flynn decided when I got back that my luggage made an excellent bed. It stayed out almost a whole month before I was able to store it in the closest. It almost had a permanent home in my living room floor.

I sure love these boys! I can’t believe I have had Flynn two years! I am so happy I brought him home!

Thank you so much for the update, Selena. I love a good Flookdate! (And FrankenHook kills me DEAD.)


I have no idea why, but these kittens LOVE to sniff my slippers. Maybe they smell like the other cats in the house?

TC, checkin’ out the toy situation.

These chenille rugs do a great job of catching the litter that the kittens track out of the litter boxes, and the kittens really like to lay on them.

Jethro gets his ‘nip on.

Bath time for Molly.

This seems a safe and not at all precarious position from whence to quench your thirst, Jethro.

TC thinks about settling down for a bath on that chenille rug…

And opts to go to the OTHER one, on the other side of the litter boxes. I guess he thinks red is more his color.

I love how it looks like Molly is walking around on her front paws, like a little circus clown.

And now she’s walking around on her back feet. She’s a multi-talented girl!

TC’s had just about enough of her shenanigans.

Sweet monkeys.

Somehow, I have no pictures of Lizzy for y’all today. My only defense is that Lizzy seems to know what a camera is, and how to thwart my attempts to get some pictures of her. If I go into the room with the camera, she just stays curled up, sound asleep, in the cat tree condo. But if I go in without one, she’s all adorable and personable, standing there with her little half-tail in the air, asking me to pet her as she gives me the Eyes of Lurve.

I’ll have pictures of her tomorrow, I promise!


Tom Cullen likes to keep his mylar ball close and his ‘nip ball closer.


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12-16-14 — 16 Comments

  1. I love the pic of Flynn and Hook squished together in the cat tree. If only my two loved each other that much!

  2. Flookdate update! Love seeing those boys all happy and cuddly. Whatever you’re doing Selena, keep doing it!

    Mine love suitcases too, I suspect that’s the best cat bed that I never bought. I would suggest however really wiping it down before taking it through TSA. There was some sort of residue on it that the screeners didn’t like and suspected was GUNPOWDER. I hated to tell them that it was just cat hair and dander.

    I don’t like that look in Jethro’s eyes, we have a future niphead on our hands, the way he’s guarding his stash.

  3. I love Flookdates!! And Hook is getting soooo big! 🙂

    Do we have any more information on Terry’s adoption?? If his family came from Georgia, is it possible they are L&H followers?