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Just chillin’- he’s such a momma’s boy!

After a strenuous play session under the sheet, one must then relax.

About 6 months ago he developed the bald spot over his right eye – maybe too many smooches on his forehead?

Thank you so much for the Norbulletin, Kirsten. You know we love seeing that boy’s sweet face!


A shot of all four kittens! Plus one stuffed black kitten. Winnie had that stuffed kitten in with TC while he was at her house, so he wouldn’t be lonely. I’ve never actually seen the kittens play with it, but it moves all OVER the room, so someone must be having fun.

Sweet miss Molly.

Jethro has turned into such a little love.

TC, too. One or the other of them always comes right over to me and climbs into my lap when I sit down.

Molly’s all “COME HERE, TC, I NEEDS A HUG!”

TC and Jethro, tusslin’.

Lizzy checks out the bed pile.

Molly loves to smack at that string.

TC and the crazy eyes.


Lizzy decided to settle down in the pile o’ beds. Which, coincidentally, was within petting distance.

I should have mentioned this in Friday’s post, but didn’t even think of it – Lizzy came through her spay with no problems at all. I half expected that when I got her home, her siblings would be all hissy toward her, but she spent a good part of the night in the carrier I brought her home in (with the door propped open), and at one point I peeked in to see that TC was curled up in the carrier next to her. Awwww.

Molly still hisses at Lizzy from time to time, but she still hisses at Fred, too. Given that she purrs the instant we touch her, I’m going to guess that hissing is just her way of communicating. Actually, now that I think about it, I’m not sure I’ve ever heard her meow. Maybe she hisses instead of meowing? The other night they were all running around playing, and Lizzy kept deliberately running right by Molly, and Molly would hiss. Which just made Lizzy do it more, needling her the way sisters do.

Yesterday morning I opened the door to the closet – which is where we put the litter boxes, usually. But these guys were so scared when we got them, that I’m pretty sure they would have spent all their time hiding in there. They were somewhat interested in the closet, checked it out, but didn’t spend much time in there once I opened the door. I set up litter boxes in there for them, which they immediately started using, so I moved the two that were in the foster room into the closet. I very much prefer to keep the litter boxes in the closet, because when they’re in the room itself, I swear I spend all my time sweeping up the scattered litter.


I always worry that Sugarbutt is going to go sliding out of that bed, into the trash can. He hasn’t done it yet, but there’s always a first time! I always try kind of ease him back toward the back of the bed, but he inevitably ends up in this precarious-looking position. At least the trash can would be a soft place to land.


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12-15-14 — 23 Comments

  1. I am pretty sure it I got the banner of the Pickles…and greatly smiled at the picture of Tony RHP playing with the track ball. THAT BIG BELLEH!!!!!

    NORBERT!!!! Thank you for the update! You know we all love that boy!!!

    Dear owner of Dandelion (aka Pearl), please send an update of that precious girl.

    Sugarbutt looks soooo content!

  2. My tuxedo also had a “bald spot” over his eyes. In fact, they extended from both his eyes to his ears. They’re not really bald spots, it’s just that there’s no undercoat growing there.

    And I would love to see Sugarbutt fall in the trash can, but that’s just me. I’m the kind of meanie who makes my cat go all flirty right by the edge of the mattress. And chuckle when she falls. And go all “Awwwww poor little baby come here!”, just so she does it again.

  3. NORBS!!!! BTW – Mo (our black cat) has slightly balding spots above his eyes too. maybe a black cat thing….

    we’ve heard that meowing is a learned thing….Junior was 3 months old when he got here – he doesn’t meow he whines

    • My Lola never meows…she whines, chirps ant trills. I think it may just because she is Maine Coon (mix – but is the spitting image of a pure bred)

    • My dear departed Elliott never really meowed. He was deaf at birth and maybe never learned the right sound. His meow was more like “meh” – which totally suited his personality 🙂

    • It’s great to see Norbs! The Mother of Dragons will be coming in a few days to visit us. I’ll try to get some pictures. Khaleesi also has some odd noises that she makes. I’d describe them as chirping, but Robyn might have a different description.

      Bubba also never really learned how to meow, but he’s starting to pick it up. The funny thing is that he meows without opening his mouth so it’s a weird muted sound.

  4. Oh Norbert, it’s such a hard life, isn’t it?

    Always glad to see his handsome face. Mine had that problem too, partly as she loved rubbing her head on things.

    We’re getting to the gangly, long-legged phase with these kittens, aren’t we?

  5. So maybe instead of an “Elf on the Shelf”, the kittens have a “Kitteh on the Scratcher” for the holidays? And they are taking turns making Mr. Kitteh show up mysteriously in a different place each day? 😉

    Oh, and NORBIE!!!!!!! 😀

  6. “I always worry that Sugarbutt is going to go sliding out of that bed, into the trash can.”

    You need to set up a drop cam there just in case, because seeing that would be on the same level as that classic video you took of Maddy reacting to the printer turning on and spitting a page out! I know, I’m a terrible person, but it would be so. darn. funny!

  7. Jethro reminds me of the Norbs… Maybe seeing them both in the same post? *sigh* Seems like just yesterday you were popping wee Norbert next to Khaleesi, and successfully pulling the wool over her eyes.

    Man, I love that TC…!

  8. I laughed so hard at the Sugarbutt photo with comment. I didn’t mean to, it just sort of spit out of me lol…. and always so much fun to see our man, Norbles!!

  9. …if Sugarbutt ever DOES fall into the trashcan, you are morally obligated to provide video.