12-18-17 Monday

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On my computer, I have a folder named “Currently” and in that folder I have many folders, one of which is named “Permanent Residents.” And in THAT folder I have 11 folders, one for each permanent resident.

(I realize this all makes me sound much more organized than I actually am.)

In those folders are, of course, pictures that I’ve taken of the permanent residents and which I have not yet shared on the blog. (I have a whooooole other folder where I file the pictures once they’ve been shared, which is maybe why Crashplan is constantly running while cursing me under its breath.)

I tell you all of that so I can tell you this: I have a bunch of pictures of the permanent residents that I took while we were still living at Crooked Acres, so for the next 11 posts (except for next Monday, when I’ll do my usual Christmas Day post of the reveal of this year’s holiday card along with a zillion other of my favorite past holiday pictures) you’ll get to see each permanent resident, one per day, in alphabetical order. To clarify: today’s pictures will be Alice at Crooked Acres, and at the end I’ll share a random picture of some permanent resident taken since we moved here to Shady Cove.

(I might have overestimated your interest in this explanation.)

So, today: Alice!


Alice with attitude.

“Can’t a girl take a nap without you harassing her?”

Fangin’ it.

Since no post of Alice is truly complete without her theme song…

YouTube link


Archie has a grumpy. (Actually, he was purring like crazy. He’s not really grumpy, he’s just drawn that way.)


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12-18-17 Monday — 9 Comments

  1. Alice takes the funniest pictures – I’m sure she was pleased with you catching and photographing her mid-bath!

  2. I so wish Hubble would find his forever home. I actually thought he (& Phoenix who was) would be one of the first adopted
    Alice has attitude! Love her!