12-20-18 Thursday

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Meeting Uncle Newt.

Poor Newt was hanging out in the corner of Fred’s office, enjoying the sun and the heated bed, and the kittens started yelling to come into the room. So I opened the door…

Fender went stomping right over, tail straight up in the air.

“Hi, Mister Unca Newt! I’ve heard so much about you! Wanna be buddies?!”

Newt did not want to be buddies.

The kittens had a kitten meeting, and then they sent someone else in as the kitten representative.

LoJack ventured forth.

“Hello, Uncle Newt,” said LoJack. “They said you need a friend, and I volunteered to hang out with you, so I’ll come right on over and keep you company.”

Newt did not consider this a good idea.

“I’ll just keep you company from over here,” LoJack decided.

“Or maybe from way over here instead.”

Meanwhile, Uncle Archie bellowed angrily from the door at the top of the stairs to be let in. I let him in, and he gained a couple of companions while he stomped down the hall to check out the food in the foster room. About 30 seconds later he decided he was kittened out and wanted back out of the upstairs.

Not long after, Uncle Newt decided he’d had about as much kitten adoration as he could stand, and he too demanded to be released from the upstairs.

I tried to get the kittens in a posed row, but the fewer there are, the harder it seems to be to get them to line up and look at the camera and NOT make faces. Brats, the whole bunch of ’em.


After a busy morning of keeping the back yard safe from squirrels, the Sheriff decides she’s earned a rest.


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12-20-18 Thursday — 6 Comments

  1. Deep down inside, Uncle Newt must have appreciated the adoration in the eyes of the little Ornj Minis soaking in his orangey awesomeness…

    Uncle Archie’s all “I need a drink, dammit”.

  2. We got our card and calendar. Yay, it is indeed a Merry Christmas. The picture of Kara in the calendar. Half closed eyes glowering as she stalks across the yard, perfection.

  3. That 2nd picture of Fender with Newt, stretching out to his full kitty cat length, really shows all of his gorgeous stripes