12-21-18 Friday

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Are the babies going to stay at Shady Cove over Christmas (unless they’re adopted)?

This is a good (and timely!) question. All 7 kittens and I, as well as other Forgotten Felines kittens, are attending an adoption event at Petsmart (the one on University Drive in Huntsville) tomorrow (Saturday) from 10 – 2. Once that’s over, some of the kittens may be staying at Petsmart and some may be staying at the Petsmart in Jones Valley; I’m not entirely sure yet. I’ll have to let you know!


Does THIS little face look familiar?

It should! That’s the kitten formerly known as LoJack. He’s now Dino, and Pamela says: Dino (aka LoJack) is determined to be Coco’s friend. She’s not having it… yet. But growls are now hisses & a few hisses were replaced with more nose to noses today. He’s such a cuddly very loud purr baby. Thank you for taking such great care preparing him for a forever home.

Coco keeping her laser eyes on him. I’ll try to get a pic with both together.

Isn’t that WONDERFUL? I love it so much!

(Thanks, Pamela!)


Cam is so judging me right now.

Sweet, sleepy Pulley.

Solenoid, keeping an eye on the neighbors’ back yard. I can’t imagine where that girl gets her Kravitz-y tendencies.

Sweet baby Clutch.

Dynamo judges.

Axle and Pulley snuggle up for a nap.

Axle always looks so amused.

I don’t know what’s going on over there, but it’s apparently quite amazing.

Dynamo and her fabulous tail. She’s not long-haired like her mama, but her tail is floofier than your average tail, and I love it.

Fender watching birds under the benevolent gaze of Unca Stefan.

Pile o’ sleepy cuteness.

Before LoJack went home, I tried to get a good Christmas picture. Since my original idea (wrapping kittens in a string of Christmas lights) turned out to be a great big HA HA HA NO, I set up a shelf in Fred’s bedroom as a little “studio” – hung lights, put Christmas decorations on there, and then put LoJack up there. It went fairly well, though next time around I’ll raise the shelf a bit higher.

First we taste the lights.

And then we get as close to the edge of the shelf as possible so our foster mom will worry about us falling.

(The rest of the kittens in the “studio” will be in Monday’s post.)


Jake: “Onward, mighty steed.”
Archie: “Give someone else a chance, wouldya?!”

Uhhhh… sorry to interrupt, guys. Carry on!

(That’s a sheep ottoman from Wayfair. It was initially intended to go in the kitten room (can’t you see kittens hanging out on top of it?) but I ended up putting it in the back living room so the cats could use it to get up into the bay window, which has two cat doors leading into the screened porch. They don’t need it to get up there, but they use it plenty!)


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  1. It would be a very happy day if most, if not all, the babies would be adopted this weekend!

    Lol, Jake and Archie. They’re like the Joey and Chandler of Shady Cove.

  2. Dynamo is so pretty, I just love her coloring. And I may need a sheep ottoman now. I hope you’re happy.

  3. Aww-Baby Stompers came up as the header this morning! Happy holidays to Robyn, Fred, the kittehs, the baybees, and all you other readers. May you have an awesome week.