12-21-17 Thursday

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Look at Phoenix and Amber!

Waiting for breakfast.

Debra did admit that they’d already eaten – but it looks to me like they want seconds! I just love seeing Phoenix and her big sister bonding over their starvation. 😉

(Thanks for the picture, Debra!)


Frankie (pictures taken while we were still at Crooked Acres.)

I swear, that boy always has the most serious face.

Okay, well, maybe “smug” is a better description of his face in this picture.

Rolling around in the dirt, waiting for a belly rub.

On the table: his favorite Crooked Acres spot.

Same spot, different bed.


“MY box. You go ‘way, lady.”


Nap time with Newt.


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12-21-17 Thursday — 7 Comments

  1. Phoenix and Amber clearly deserve Second Breakfast.

    Frankie has THE sweetest face! Love all the oranges!
    The 2016 post – “…like I’m not fancy. Idiots.” “God I hate him.” BWAHAHAHAH

    And dear Elwood. RIP sweet boy <3

  2. Second breakfast is surely in the Cats’ Bill of Rights! More seriously, I’m so glad that Frankie has you and Fred.

  3. Agree with everyone else, foster updates are just so great.

    Everybody deserves a second breakfast, but not third. You don’t want to conflict with elevensies.