12-17-18 Monday

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In case you missed it Friday night and again in yesterday’s Weekly Roundup post, Tank went home Friday evening. Paul and Debbie came to see the kittens last weekend, and Tank stomped right into their hearts.

LOOK at that blissful little face!

I dropped Tank off with Michelle Friday afternoon (Michelle delivered him a few hours later). Michelle has a couple of Great Pyrenees dogs, and when the larger of the two gave Tank a good sniff-over and Tank not only didn’t floof or hiss or growl, but just sat there and sniffed back, I knew he was going to be just fine. Nothing phases that boy!

I was right – he settled in with very little fuss, and made himself right at home. Here are some pictures of him in his new home.

And he’s now Ron Weasley – RonRon for short – which I think is a GREAT name for him. (And coincidentally, Fred is listening to the Harry Potter audio books while he walks in the morning, and he mentioned the other day that he’d forgotten how funny Ron is.)

That boy landed in clover, and he knows it!

(Thanks, Debbie and Paul!!!)


I had a few left over pictures from the “Home for the Holidays” series I posted on Instagram/Facebook/etc last week.

Fender, all “I don’t think I’m gonna fit in there, lady…”

Solenoid, getting her thlurrrp on.

Cam, adorable as always.

“Who, me? I’ve already got a home, thanks!” That BOY.

He was so cute, Fred couldn’t resist petting him. I can’t blame him!

Fender and Axle would like a snuggle.

Axle, Pulley and Clutch. I don’t know, what gives you the idea there’s a feather teaser up there?

Solenoid shows off her stripey whiskers.

Just before I took this picture, LoJack was standing up trying to push the door open. Of course as soon as he heard me, he stopped and turned to see what I was doing.

This is a terrible picture, but it shows what Cam did: climbed under my shirt, came down the arm of my shirt, and then stopped there for a nap. Eventually she eeled herself the rest of the way out, but not until she decided it was time.

Dynamo loves to sleep in the most twisted-around positions.


Frankie loves to curl up into the smallest ball of cute.


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12-17-18 Monday — 9 Comments

  1. What great news with which to start the week. Congratulations, Tank/Ron Weasley, Debbie and Paul! That picture of RonRon peeking through Debbie’s hair is beyond adorable.

    Now, may the rest of the in-residence kittens – and Mom Ryder – find homes for the holidays…

    • I thought he looked like a kitten as well.

      Congrats to Ron Weasley. What an excellent landing for everyone.

  2. The French verb for “purr” is “ronroner”. ( Onaamatopoeic, IF I spelled that right)
    So Tank. aka Ronron is well named.

  3. Yay TankRon! Great news.
    Got our card. Love it. Thanks Robin, Fred and the Shady Cove Gang.