12-28-20 Monday

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I picked up a pile of holiday cards at the post office over the weekend and scanned them yesterday. They can be seen here, or you can scroll through them below.

2020 Holiday Cards Received

(I’ll add any more that I get, as I get them. Thank you, everyone who sent cards, I love them!)


Fritter and Pretzel are going home later today!

Pretzel’s such a long, slinky girl. I’ve been calling both the kittens “Noodles” because they’re so long and slinky.

Standing with her back foot on the bed, watching birds. Because why not?

Pretzel’s watching birds with Uncle Charlie.

Over the weekend, both kittens really started to NOTICE the birds, and have been watching birds (and the occasional squirrel).

Fritter, hanging out next to the creamer. That’s a perfectly kitten-sized spot, and I’m only surprised that he’s the first kitten to climb in there.

“Lady, there is BIRDS out there!”

Fritter on the left, Pretzel on the right.

You can really see the size difference in this picture – Pretzel on the left, Fritter on the right.


Uncle Archie came strolling through the room to check out the food situation, and they couldn’t take their eyes off him.


Archie knows he’s fabulous.


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