12-6-20 Weekly Roundup

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Weekly Instagram/Facebook/Twitter/Tumblr Roundup.

And then there were 11.

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(This video is obviously from a few days ago, before kittens started going home.) This is one way to use the track toy to distract kittens! (All 15 kittens are present in this video.)

Hooray, hooray, Wild Bill was adopted and went home today! He joins Loki, an orange tabby kitten about his same age (who needed a friend to play with) and humans who will spoil him rotten. Happy life, sweet boy. ❤️❤️❤️

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Tossing toys for kittens (Obviously this is from a few days ago, before kittens started going home.) Tossing toys for kittens! They’ve got some awesome moves.

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Orange and Tan are on the cusp of skitterbugging, and they are far too adorable.

Paws UP, y’all! (Orange, who we are kitten-sitting for the weekend.)

Tan’s got your heart.

Good night innernets. (Eclair & Buffalo Bill)

And then there were 10.

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3 minutes of tiny kitten cuteness. Orange & Tan went home to Lexi last night (did I mention we were kitten-sitting?) and here’s 3 minutes of them being adorable before they left us.

::thlurrrp::thlurrrp::thlurrrp:: Funnel Cake is keepin’ it clean.

This picture is from the evening after the kittens were spayed/neutered, and Buffalo Bill was still soooo hiiiiiigh. His face is cracking me UP.

Yes, Charlie’s been hanging out in the foster room lately. It’s less that he wants to be around the kittens and more that he wants to be in that room. I think he must think of it with affection as his childhood home. The kittens, on the other hand, act like Charlie is a ROCK STAR and they follow him around, rub against him and climb into the ham-mick with him. He tolerates them unless they get too pushy, and then he puts them in their place like a good uncle should.

“Lady! I said no pictures!” Annie Oakley always knows her own mind.

Good night innernets. (Charlie-formerly-Aramis)

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Meeting Uncle Charlie: the first time Annie Oakley spotted Uncle Charlie, back in mid-October. She put on her floof suit and her scariest growl. Charlie was not concerned.

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A visit from Uncle Charlie: about a week after their first meeting (near the end of October), Annie Oakley still felt it necessary to don her floof suit upon seeing Uncle Charlie. Wild Bill was all “That’s rude, put your floof suit away!”, but Annie Oakley knows her proper attire.

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Tater Tot thinks Uncle Charlie’s tail is the BEST! TOY! EVER! (And French Fry is all “Gimme that phone, I gots to make a call!)

Pretzel’s all “Excuse you, lady, I’m trying to have a moment with Uncle Charlie.”⁠

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Hanging out with Uncle Charlie (please note how, when he jumps to the floor, kittens come running over to see what he’s doing.)

My lord, does that girl have some FABULOUS whiskers.

Good night innernets. (Hush Puppy)

Aldi has wine bottle covers. I don’t drink wine, so I had to find an alternate use for the one I picked up.⁠

(Hush Puppy)

Warning: Funnel Cake can’t hold his licker.

Charlie and his kittens. “What? You got all the good stuff in here! Kitten food, comfy beds, kittens to gnaw on if the mood strikes…”

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With 5 kittens going home last week, the kitten clown car is a little less full… but no less cute!

Legs for days. Whiskers for days. CUTE for days. (Tater Tot)

Good night innernets. (Annie Oakley)

Look at tiny baby Charlie (with Planchet) in his pile of beds, there on the left! Look at 6 month old Charlie in that same pile of beds there on the right! Our boy is growing up. 💓⁠ FYI, I’ve gotten a lot of questions about those beds. They were made by Andrea who AS IT HAPPENS is currently having a fundraiser for the rescue she supports, Winnie’s Wish. If you go on over to the Winnie’s Wish Auction page, you’ll find more of those awesome round crocheted beds than you can shake a stick at, and the money raised goes to a wonderful cause. (I’ve had those beds for several years, and they’ve been through the wash approximately a billion times and are holding up beautifully.)

French Fry rudely refused to sit up and pose for me. Hmph.

Onion Ring is all dressed up and ready to be your buddy. He might look like a confident boy who has no fear, but he’s actually kind of a scaredy cat. If he knows you, he’s confident and snuggly and will flop across your chest and wait expectantly for you to kiss him. If you’re a stranger, well, he’s likely to run and hide until he gets to know you. (“How’re you gonna make friends if you run and hide?” I ask him. He has no good answer.) So what I’m saying is that he’ll be the best, sweetest, most excellent friend in the end, but it’ll take him a little while to get there. He’s worth the wait, I guarantee it.⁠ He’s a sweet boy who gets along great with his foster siblings, absolutely adores feather toys and chasing the laser light, and once he’s comfortable with you, you can do just about anything to him. Flip him onto his back, rub his belly, kiss his face and ears, and he just purrs and purrs. He gets along great with other cats, and must go to a home with at least one playful cat already in residence OR be adopted along with another kitten. If you’re looking for a pair, he gets along smashingly with his foster siblings Eclair, Annie Oakley, and his sister French Fry.⁠ If Onion Ring looks like your kind of kitten, email Forgotten Felines of Huntsville at info (at) ffhsv.org to get the ball rolling. WE ARE LOCATED IN HUNTSVILLE, ALABAMA, USA. YOU MUST COME HERE TO COMPLETE THE ADOPTION. WE WILL NOT SHIP KITTENS TO TUNISIA OR BELGIUM OR VENEZUELA.

Whereupon many opinions are expressed, courtesy of Annie Oakley.

Buffalo Bill in the sun. Isn’t he a cutie?

“Dude… wait, what?” (Good night innernets.)

It’s gotten colllld out there, and know who wants to keep you warm? This sweet lovebug, Fritter. Did you know he’s available for adoption? Is true!⁠ Fritter is an incredibly sweet boy who will come to you for love and petting. If you pick him up, he melts against you and purrrrrs before racing off to chase the nearest toy. He loves to toss rattly mice across the room and chase them, wrestle with the nearest kitten, and LEAP! up after the feather teaser, all with frequent breaks to get some love and snuggles. Like his sister Pretzel, he’s a nosy boy, and if you’re doing something he wants to snoopervise. He gets along great with other cats and must go to a home with another playful cat in residence OR be adopted along with another kitten. If you’re looking for a pair he is good friends with his sister Pretzel and his foster siblings Onion Ring and Hush Puppy, but really gets along with everyone.⁠ If Fritter looks like your kinda lovebug, email Forgotten Felines of Huntsville at info (at) ffhsv.org to inquire.⁠ WE ARE LOCATED IN HUNTSVILLE, ALABAMA, USA. YOU MUST COME HERE TO COMPLETE THE ADOPTION. WE WILL NOT SHIP KITTENS TO ICELAND OR GREENLAND, FINLAND OR IRELAND, THE NETHERLANDS OR POLAND, ENGLAND OR SOMALILAND. BASICALLY ALL THE “LANDS” ARE RIGHT OUT. SORRY!⁠

I feel like the bow on Pretzel’s head goes nicely with her sleek, shiny fur, and the white locket on her chest completes the “outfit.” Did you know she’s available for adoption RIGHT NOW? She is, she is!⁠ Pretzel is an extremely sweet, snuggly lapcat who wants nothing more than to sit in your lap and be loved. If you’re petting her and stop, she will let you know that you need to keep petting her by meowing the sweetest little meow. She’s also nosy, so if you’re doing something, she wants to know what and how and why you’re doing that. When she’s not being snuggled or judging whatever you’re doing, she can be seen playing like a wild thing with felted balls, rattly mice, stuffed animals – she’s not picky; if it’s a toy, she’ll play with it. She has a special fondness for track toys, feather teasers, and the laser light. She’s an all-around sweet, playful lovebug. She gets along great with other cats and must go to a home with another playful cat in residence OR be adopted along with another kitten. If you’re looking for a pair she is good buddies with her brother Fritter and her foster siblings Eclair, Annie Oakley and Buffalo Bill – but she gets along with everyone.⁠ If Pretzel looks like your kinda sweetheart, email Forgotten Felines of Huntsville at info (at) ffhsv.org to inquire.⁠ WE ARE LOCATED IN HUNTSVILLE, ALABAMA, USA. YOU MUST COME HERE TO COMPLETE THE ADOPTION. WE WILL NOT SHIP KITTENS TO MOROCCO OR TUNISIA OR THE CANARY ISLANDS.

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Charlie and his kittens.

SMILE! (Hush Puppy)

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Wahhhhhhhhhhhh! They had already eaten their canned food, but because I was standing up in the general vicinity of the desk where I used to prepare their food, they think it’s time to eat again.

The best heated blanket a gal could ask for. (I’m counting 8, but the panthers kind of blend together, so there might be 9. All I know for sure is that Tater Tot was across the room flirting with Charlie.)

Good night innernets. (Buffalo Bill)

Do you recognize those sweet little faces? Sure you do, it’s only been a week since they were adopted! That’s Davy Crockett and Calamity Jane in the top picture. They’re now Mr Mustachio & Kiki! In the bottom picture is Mr. Mustachio hanging out with their big brother Oliver Starshine. Sarah reports that “Kiki runs up to Oliver, kisses him & runs away before he knows what happened. No more hissing!” (Considering how much Kiki liked Charlie, I’d say she has a thing for good-looking older boys!) (Thanks, Sarah!)

Hooray, hooray, Buffalo Bill was adopted and went home today! He joins a couple of playful kitties in his new home in Georgia. Happy life, sweet boy. ❤️❤️❤️

Waitin’. (Funnel Cake)

You’re ding-dang right we’re having another raffle!

Now through December 12th at 7 pm Central Time, the Forgotten Felines of Huntsville auction page is raffling off this Fancy Couch, made by FF supporter Holly. It does include all those very cool accessories. Holly will be shipping it to the winner in time for the holidays. How awesome is that?!

It costs $5 per entry into the raffle (and you can enter as many times as you’d like!) Check out the auction page, or if you prefer not to do the Facebook thing, just send $5 per entry to forgottenfelineshsv (at) yahoo.com via the “sending to friends” option (to avoid fees) and note that it’s for the raffle. Next Saturday evening we’ll draw a winner, with the help of one (or many) Vittles kittens. Holly will ship it directly to the winner. All proceeds benefit the Forgotten Felines of Huntsville spay/neuter fund.

Good luck!

Hooray, hooray, Funnel Cake was adopted and is heading home today! He’s going to Houston, TX and will be joining kitty siblings who include Carmelita from Los Mewchachos!!! Happy life, sweet boy. ❤️❤️❤️

Good night innernets. (Onion Ring)


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