In recent weeks, we’ve noticed a little orange and white cat occasionally moving across our property, usually at the very back of the back forty. The first time I noticed him, I called Fred – who was out working on the shed – and Fred went out and called to the cat, who responded by running away.

Yesterday afternoon I glanced out into the back yard to check on Tommy (with the foster kittens running around all day, I keep the back door closed and will let our cats out if they make it clear (usually by running wildly toward the back door when I’m anywhere in the vicinity) they want out, but then they have to stay out there until the next time I’m near the back door and check to see if they want in), and saw something under the pecan tree, watching Tommy.

I thought at first that it was a rabbit, but it was too big, and a closer look showed me that it was the orange and white cat. I went out with the camera and talked to him, but when I got to within about 30 feet of him, he ran off.

I think he looks like an O’Grady. I might as well go ahead and buy another six beds so there’s room for him IN THE FRICKIN’ HOUSE.


Suggie’s favorite bird-watchin’ spot.


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