12-16-20 Wednesday

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We have a Maggie update! (Maggie was our foster back in 2011. She came to us hugely pregnant and… just kept getting bigger. She made us wait 3 weeks before she birthed 6 kittens.)

Maggie and Bailey.

Maggie and Henry (her face is killing me.)


Alex says: Happy Holidays from Maggie and her family. I wanted to share an update of Maggie and all her going-ons along with a few pictures.

As I’ve mentioned before, Maggie had really evolved into such a lap cat. Whether I’m on the couch, at my desk or just sitting on the floor, I can always count on Maggie climbing onto my legs and laying down, often falling asleep. She also is often found snuggling with her brother cat, Bailey.

My son Henry continues to love Maggie and try to play with her, and she continues to tolerate him. Henry has started calling her “The Grump” due to her Resting Maggie Face. He even got a stuffed cat this year from St. Nick that resembles Maggie, which he often cuddles with.

Sadly though, we did lose our beloved cat Tucker this August. He was a Challenger Cat that Sara and I adopted as a kitten back in 2010. While he was more of the lone cat, his absence is very much noticed in Maggie’s behavior. He is still very missed and loved.

Other than that, Maggie is still a wonderful cat who is very well loved and taken care of. We are incredibly grateful to have her in our lives.

Merry Christmas!

(Thank you, Alex!)


We got a cat house/scratcher from Aldi. Eclair approves.

Eclair in the crown bed. That bed is on its way out – it’s starting to fall completely apart. It held up well through numerous washings, but the bottom has started to shred. I’m sure it wasn’t intended to go through the washer as often as it has. Thank you for your service, crown bed!

I love how casually kittens climb up this tree. Pretzel is all “What?”

Pretzel on the left, Fritter on the right.

Annie Oakley says “You don’t see me!”

Annie Oakley with the wide eyes, and Fritter can’t imagine who broke that window. If he knows, he ain’t sayin’.

Fritter says “I could guide that sleigh if I wanted to!”

So, Eclair and Annie Oakley will be headed off to Petsmart in the next few days. It doesn’t appear as though they’re going to get adopted from here, so they need to be where more eyes can see them. Adoptions have been so great lately that I doubt they’ll spend much time there. I will, of course, report any news that there is to report. None of us love to see the kittens go to Petsmart, but I promise you – the volunteers are wonderful and the girls will get a lot of love and attention. I’m not worried about them.


Alice is hibernating in her Kitty Kasa. There’s a heated pad in there, and that girl is just happy as can be to snooze the winter days away.

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