12-16-16 Friday

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Last night:

Yay! This leaves Raleigh and Iva at Petsmart. I would LOVE it if they went home together. Fingers crossed!


Kelsey said: Also wanted to add that perhaps you will find out before January, if she, you know, goes into heat.

And Amy said: HA! If she goes into heat I bet Robyn will snatch her up and spay her so quickly that we won’t know it until she posts after the fact!

As if they’d willed it to happen, in the early hours of Thursday morning I woke up to hear the familiar trilling song of a ladycat looking for love. And it went on and onnnnn. I dropped her off at the vet last night, and they’ll spay her today.


Did her [Willa’s] naming have anything to do with the fact that Fred calls Dustin Willis?

It certainly did – I was trying to come up with a name I liked, and Fred said something about Willis and I thought “Huh… Willis…Willa… I like it!”


Did everyone get their Christmas shopping done already? Because if not, you might want to check out the ACME Portable FURnace! It’s gotten really cold here the last couple of days, I think I need a couple of those for my feet.


Dustin checks out the feather teaser on the bed.

Such a pretty boy (such a crooked picture).

Checking out a new (to him) toy.

I let Dennis upstairs yesterday (it was so cold none of the cats had any interest in going outside) and a while later Fred told me that he and Dustin were on the bed taking a nap together, Dennis in the cat bed, Dustin on the bed. Awwww.


“To be fair, lady, I never SAID I was pregnant.”

::little thlurrrp::

::big thlurrrp::

As mentioned up there, I woke in the middle of the night to hear Willa singing her song. She went on for quite a while, and then got quiet. Fred told me he hadn’t heard anything, and when I went in to see her once it was a reasonable hour, she acted pretty much the same. Maybe a touch friendlier (and to be clear, she was super friendly to start with). But I KNOW the sound of a cat in heat or a cat getting ready to go into heat, and I didn’t want her going into full-blown heat, especially with the weekend coming up, thank you very much. So I called the vet’s office and dropped her off last night. They’ll spay her today, and I’ll pick her up this evening.

So, no gorgeous long-haired dilute tortie kittens for us, darn it. (But yay for Willa!)


Someone get that boy a tooth-whitening strip. Get SEVERAL of them and let’s whiten ALL the teeth.


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12-16-16 Friday — 6 Comments

  1. Dustin is not crooked nor is the bed. Clearly the room is tilted.
    Also – this makes me wonder if the person who found Willa had two similar-looking cats in her area, and if the other one is out there somewhere with newborn kittens… 🙁

  2. I am so happy that Charlotte was adopted, but I must admit I suspected Raleigh would be the next to go! He seems like such a lovebug. I hope he is adopted with Iva!

    I think Dustin’s crooked picture is fitting… it is Crooked Acres, after all.

    That is one SERIOUS grin from Stefan.

  3. Willa girl, you and I have obviously connected on some sub-human cat level!!! 😉

    But I am glad no babies for you (even though yes, they would have been beautiful). So hopefully you get a little R & R time at Crooked Acres before going off to find your forever family (but no Baby Cat, you need to watch your girlish figure now!). 😀

  4. Yes, but are you selling jelly?? 😉

    Well, I’ll admit I would have loved (and by loved I mean been horribly jealous) for you to have babies, but I’m glad that is settled and Willa can relax and heal up

  5. The link to the FURnace is off by a couple years FYI. Instead we get a hysterical Stinkerbelle post. Still funny, but the FURnace one had me in tears! 🙂