12-16-15 Wednesday

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I have an update! But first, my favorite picture of the kittens in question, way back in mid-September.

That’s right, it’s the BeeBees – left to right: Skinny Pete, Badger and Combo.

And here they are now:

Skinny Pete on the left, Badger back there in the scratcher box, and Combo on the right.

You’ve noticed, I’m sure, that there’s an extra kitten there, a long-haired gray kitten right in the middle of the bunch. That gorgeous girl is Twig, who was found by a Challenger’s House volunteer in the woods. She needed to be around other kittens to teach her how to kitten, so she joined the other three. She’s the same age as they are, and Kathie reports that they integrated well. She gets a little intimidated when the other three get rowdy, but otherwise they get along great.

Kathie also said that the four kittens have a rave when the sun comes up everyday. I forgot to turn the light out one night and evidently they went all night. The boys are the biggest snugglers. The girls like short snuggles and right back to play.

Badger. Look at those EARS!

Badger again. Look at those WHISKERS!

Combo. Clearly the ears are a family trait! Isn’t he gorgeous?

And Skinny Pete, with Twig down in the right corner. I suspect there was a toy up there.

Twig. Check out that floof. SO cute!

Can you even BELIEVE how gorgeous those kittens are growing up to be? After looking at those pictures, I had to go find a kitten to squeeze.

Thank you for the pictures and the update, Kathie, and give those babies kisses from all of us!


Is this one photogenic girl, or what?

At the beginning of a yawn. She looks like an old man, doesn’t she?

Watching squirrels in the side yard.

I put that box under Fred’s desk to see if anyone would sleep in it. Occasionally Newt will, but it’s usually empty. Adele sat there for a little while, and then wandered off.

::maniacal laughter::

Laying smugly in the window bed in my room.

Being that cute is tiring, y’all.

Adele and Pink spent Monday night out of the foster room. Adele spent most of the night in the window bed in my room, coming over a few times to snuggle with me.

Pink spent the entire night draped across my arm, purring loudly the whole time. I told Susan yesterday that Adele is a companion – she’ll snuggle with me from time to time, but for the most part, she just wants to be near me (or Fred; she’s not picky). Whatever I’m doing, she’s nearby; even if she isn’t actively snoopervising, she wants to keep an eye on what I’m doing. Pink, on the other hand, is an accessory. She loves to be held, picked up and snuggled, and if I’m at rest, she wants to be on my lap or up against me.

The best part about these two is that Adele has dropped the dramatics, and they’ve started playing!

They chase each other back and forth, they wrestle, they bat toys around together. Adele likes to just sit and watch Pink play, and Pink doesn’t mind being watched. I wouldn’t say they’re best friends (at least not yet), but they’re certainly buddies.

(I apologize for the lack of Pink pictures in this post – I had a busy day yesterday, and didn’t get a chance to go through the numerous pictures I downloaded from the camera. Those playing pictures are from yesterday, taken with my iPhone.)


Stefan in the kitchen, with a small litterbox lined with a washable pee pad, and a sprig of catnip on the floor behind him.

Sometimes it’s just better not to ask why.

I kid. That picture is from last year, and was lost in my “Stefan pics to post” folder until now. We were having an issue at that time with Alice peeing in boxes we left in the kitchen, so I put that litterbox there… and she used it. For a couple of weeks, I’d keep a clean pee pad in the box and switch it out after I saw that she’d used it. Some investigation (using webcams and my fine detecting abilities) showed that Corbie was harassing Alice whenever she’d go to use the litter box. Adding another litter box to the laundry room, angled so that Corbie couldn’t sneak up on her, solved the issue. Judging by the fresh catnip on the rug, we were probably having a ‘nipfest, and Stefan was making sure I knew he appreciated it.

By the way, it is the opinion of both Fred and I that Pink looks very much like Stefan and Stompers.


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12-16-15 Wednesday — 26 Comments

  1. Wow, between Robyn and Kathie, the BeeBees have really lucked out: they and their new sister are just beautiful and clearly loved and in kitten heaven! Many thanks for the update, and hooray for Alice and Pink’s rapprochement.

  2. Love today’s post… too many things to mention made me go “awwwww”… now that my warm fuzzies are engaged, I can start work without wanting to stab someone with a pencil. Thanks Robyn & the kitties! I swear you guys are the best form of therapy for me. 😀

  3. I just love Adele. Every day I focus on one of her adorable features. Today it’s her tiny pink nose. And I love Pink too! So glad they are getting along.

    Good to see a BeeBees update. And Twig is a gorgeous kitteh! I love the floofy ones.

  4. While I certainly understand all the love for Adele (let’s face it – she’s just gorgeous), I find myself entranced with Pink. She just has that certain something.

  5. I love Pink. I so wish we could have another kitty because giving Stompers a girl twin would be too adorable.

  6. Love the update on the BeeBee’s !!!!! I would say Twig looks a little like Catelyn !!!!

    You have had a few fosters and permanent residents (Corbie, Dennis, Alice, Pattypan, Ambercup,Catelyn, Aslan, Khalessi just to name a few ) that would get even more gorgeous every time you posted a picture of them !! Congratulations you have another one to add to the list !!! Adele !!!!!

  7. Thank you for the explanation about the pee pad in the box. I’ve had lots of trouble with my tiny old cat Gollum leaving a small poop on my mousepad every morning. She pees in the cat box she shares with the other 2 cats, but that poop is like a statement. Now I see that when she does go out to the cat box on the back porch, Wesley stalks her. He’s 2 and weighs about 13 lbs. She’s 13 and weighs about 5 lbs. I’m going to try the box and pee pad thing, will have to put it in a corner in the bedroom.

  8. My 2nd eldest torments my eldest and would push her out of the litter box. Once he did that and cornered her in the kitchen (she is crazy submissive and won’t stand up for herself…thus she is bait). She finally peed right there. You can only hold it for so long. I have gotten on him about it and he has pretty much quit that behavior. He does love to hide around the corner and ambush her when she is exiting the room with the litter boxes. That behavior gets him in t-rou-ble!!! I haven’t had “issues” since that day in the kitchen. The others also like to steal her treats. I just have to say, “leave her treats alone!” They stop and sit a foot away from her…but they stop. She is an angel of a cat. I just wish she would fight back. It would make him leave her be as the other two girls have no problems with him.

  9. Well, after almost a decade of reading your blogs, I have finally knuckled under and handed over my address for a holiday card. It occurs to me how nice it is to get actual postal mail that isn’t a bill these days (why, yes, I AM over 30, why do you ask?) and how sending things via US Mail is a dying thing. I feel strongly about it, and want to mail cards and letters, too, but darn it, I am a poorly disciplined and unorganized person and never make it happen. Kudos to you, Robyn, for keeping up this lovely tradition.

    • Robyn’s cards are the best thing you will get in the mail all year. We all look forward to it as the pictures are always the best. 🙂 THANK YOU, ROBYN!

      • Indeed! Exactly what GD said. Most of my dwindling numbers of actual physical Christmas cards come from businesses these days. Robyn’s is one of the few that is from a person I know. And I too look forward to it because it’s always so creatively done and so much more entertaining and fun than any other card I get.

        This year, I did a new thing and actually hunted down a special card (kitten-themed, of course) to send her and Fred instead of just any old Christmas card I found lying around in my old pile of unsent cards from Christmases past. That’s going to be part of my little Christmas tradition going forward, and my part in trying to keep alive the tradition of sending Christmas cards through the U.S. Mail.