12-17-15 Thursday

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Snack time!

Yes, of course Adele and Pink join in on morning snack time – they’re out in the house all the time now, what am I gonna do, starve them? I do make them share one placemat, though. I don’t want them to get SPOILED or anything.

(In that first picture, Archie was sitting there looking around because he is the fastest eater I’ve ever seen. He inhales his snack in about 10 seconds, and waits for the others to finish their plates, then he finishes anything they left behind. Also, that’s not all the permanent residents – Joe Bob and Maxi eat in the computer room, Stinkerbelle eats on the fridge most of the time, Alice gets her snack on the dining room table, and Newt doesn’t get a snack because no matter what I offer him, he sniffs it and then turns up his nose and walks off. BRAT.)

Adele and Pink are continuing to play together. Pink’s Open Mouth of Outrage in this picture kills me dead. The TEEF!

Then they run down the hall to the living room and peek at each other from under the couch.

And THEN they run into the kitchen and tussle some more.

Pink got tired of the tussling and went to check out the food bowls, while Adele took possession of the Cat Lady Box, which is perfectly sized for cats from the size of tiny Pink to the more portly Newt.

Pink, trying to get to the ice cubes in the bottom of my cup.

On their second night out in the house, Pink and Adele decided to change things up. Pink disappeared completely (I think she spent the night in the bed on the chair in Fred’s bedroom; she also takes naps there sometimes) and Adele woke me up every couple of hours because I wasn’t positioned correctly for her to arrange herself just so.

At 5:45 am, Archie settled his two front paws directly on my right shoulder (the one that was operated on six weeks ago) and applied approximately 300 pounds of pressure on those two paws, thereby letting me know that it was time for me to get up and provide his morning snack. It’s not often that I’m catted out before I even get out of bed, but it’s safe to say that I was CATTED OUT. Luckily, a little bad-tempered stomping and swearing always gets me over my bad moods, and this time was no different.


Sheriff Mama, rolling around on the rug, with a tiny bit of tongue showing. Isn’t she the cutest thing?

“You come a little closer and tell me I’m CUTE, lady, and it’ll be POW right in the smacker!”


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12-17-15 Thursday — 13 Comments

  1. The first picture of the Sheriff is adorable. She looks HAPPY!!!

    300 lbs of pressure will always be applied to an injury, a full bladder or boobs. Just accept it and move on. 🙂

    I think Adele and Pink need to be adopted together! 🙂

    • You forgot human man-testicles. According to hub, they seem to be the perfect spot for a post-snack biscuit making session. It gets really interesting when their claws need trimming!

    • That is awesome! And having 5 ginger cats (including one that looks like a munchkin even!) is even better. WANT!!!

  2. ACK! Sheriff Mama kills me dead again! I just love her coloring and “POW! right in the kisser” resting bitch face. (Which I’ve never seen on a cat before!)

  3. Aw!!! It’s our Terry-versary today! 🙂 I can’t believe it’s already been a year that he has been with us. We love him and he truly is the oddest dude cat I’ve ever had!

  4. Hi! I have a question for you and your readers. I was playing a video on Instagram this morning of a very young crying kitten. Well, my cat bolted in from the other room, tail down, pupils huge, looking for that kitten. She actually seemed very distressed, and I had to comfort and reassure her for a few minutes that there really wasn’t a terrified kitten in the house. Do other cats do that? Does this bode well for the possible addition of kitten to our family in the future?

  5. Archie is like the world’s cutest loan shark’s enforcer goon. “Ok lady, make with the snackin’ vig or I’m gonna kneecap ya.”