12-30-20 Wednesday

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A lot of people suggested the name “The Rosebuds” as a litter name for Moira Rose and her future kittens. It works, it’s easy to type, and I like it. So The Rosebuds they are and will be! (And you can certainly know that every time I type “Rosebuds”, a little voice in my mind will be whispering “Schitt-heads.”)

Moira is doing well – a little nervous after we moved her from the guest bedroom to the foster room, but mostly enjoying the space and all the new toys. For some reason I didn’t think to put a track toy in the guest bedroom with her, and it turns out she is a FAN of the track toy.

I love how perfectly her face is framed in that mirror.


It looks like she’s doing a little dance here, but her claw was caught in the sheet. She needs to have her claws trimmed, which we’ll do soon.

I know she looks HUGE to y’all, but trust me when I say we’ve got a while to go. (OR DO WE? Like I ever have a clue, really.)

Pretty pretty pretty girl.


Now that the kittens have vamoosed, Dewey is happy to have his squirrel-watchin’ bed back.


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