12-30-16 Friday

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I usually post the Yearly Roundup on the 1st of the year, but this year – since the 1st is on Sunday – I’m going to wait and post it on Monday. That’ll give y’all time to recover from your New Year’s Eve shenanigans, and will give me time to actually get the roundup done!

See you next year!


Are you taking a selfie in that box??

Haha – NO, that is very obviously the face of “Why are you bugging me when I’m trying to win this stupid Words with Friends game?” (I am fairly terrible at Words with Friends, but occasionally I get lucky! I also tend to forget it exists if I’m busy with something else, so the poor people I’m playing against sometimes have to wait for days for me to make a move.)


Love the flickr embed, how did you do that??

If you go to the album on Flickr, you should get the curvy arrow (I don’t know how else to describe it), this thing:

If you click on that, you get the option of sharing via “share” (the url), embed, or email. If you choose embed, it gives you choices (size and whether you want a header/footer) and gives you the code to paste in.


Dustin – whatever his name is, we’re still working on that – says “What doin’, weird lady?”

Here’s what he looks like from the side, if you’re curious. His markings are a cross between Kara and Dennis.

“What? What you want?”

Fangin’ it.

Little flirt.

Like I mentioned up there, we’re still working on a name for Dustin. Hopefully we’ll get something figured out soon! I’ll let you know when I know, of course.

I had a thought Wednesday – see, Dustin’s been hanging out on the cat tree in my room at night, but if I get up to go to the bathroom or grab my iPad or whatever, he acts like I’m going to grab him up and do terrible things to him, and he HURLS himself to the ground and gallops off. Then he follows me around and watches whatever I’m doing in a judgmental manner.

So Wednesday afternoon I brought his big pink bed downstairs and put it on my bed. I thought maybe if his Safe Space was right there, he’d get in it and hang out and feel, y’know, safe. Right before bedtime Fred put Archie in that bed, and he stayed, which messed up my big plans. But once I was in bed reading Dustin decided to get up on the bed with me. When I got up a while later to go to the bathroom, Dustin HURLED himself to the ground and scampered off. Once I was back in bed, he came back and flopped down at the foot of the bed. That’s where he was when I fell asleep – I don’t know if he spent the entire night there, but I know he was there for a while, at least.

I feel like that’s progress, but I’ll be happier if he ever decides I’m not going to snatch him up and cause him great harm if I happen to walk into his general direction. I know it’ll take time, but JEEZ KID, I’M NOT TRYING TO HURT YOU I JUST NEED TO WALK OVER HERE AND GET SOMETHING.


Smug little muffin.

She is such a little nut.


Don’t be fooled by that innocent little face!


One of the previously-unshared Christmas-themed Dennis pictures. He is just SUCH a good little model.

Well okay, Dennis. Whatever floats your boat.


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12-30-16 Friday — 14 Comments

  1. Those Christmas pictures of Dennis are pure perfection. And I’m in love with Dustin’s ears.

  2. Willa’s fuzzy little peach beard makes me smile every time I look at her. πŸ™‚

    Love the Dennis pic with his footie in the air. That would have made a cute card, too.

  3. I would have pictures of Dennis all over my house – he is so gorgeous!

    Happy New Year to all! See you in 2017!

  4. don’t you just hate it when they run and they weren’t even the intended target. sheesh

    have to say, that last picture might have been a classic for the card πŸ™‚

  5. If Dustin is a cross between Kara and Dennis, appearance wise, you could combine their names and call him Dare! (Dara sounded like a girl’s name, so I ended it in an e.)

  6. I love playing Words with Friends with you! I don’t mind waiting days or weeks because I do the same thing!
    How about more names for what’s-his-name: Felix, Harley (like hurl only more graceful), Kara+Dennis+Corbie=Karsten; Corden (or James); Dark Sienna (ROFLMBO!) so maybe like Chestnut shortened to Chessie or Auburn or Mahogany-etc.; Sid; Reed; Billy (as in Billy the Kid with Kid being an anagram for IDK which in comp shorthand is of course I Don’t Know)
    I could go on for days playing Anagrams for What’s His Name!! I am cracking myself up over here. Oh, OH—-WHeNdall, or WHeNceslas (LOL)—nah he doesn’t look like either one of those. I think Billy is cute. So I’ll stop.

  7. I always said I would call my next cat Jose, as in “No way, Jose”, when people ask if I’m going to get another cat.

    It’s also what I say to my cats when they’re trying to talk me into feeding them all the time.

  8. Got my calendar yesterday! I love it! I use it at work and everyone who walks buy exclaims on the beautiful cats!

  9. I laughed way too hard at that last photo of Dennis. It might have to be next year’s desktop wallpaper.