12-29-16 Petstages Tower of Tracks #ChewyInfluencer

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For our Chewy product review this month, we’re reviewing the Petstages Tower of Tracks cat toy.

Coincidentally, a friend had very recently recommended this exact toy to me, so it was fortunate that it was one of the choices this month.

I took it upstairs to see what Dustin (or whatever his name is) thought of it.

He was a little uncertain at first…

Then he was interested. “Three tracks, you say?!”


He likes it! Hey Mikey!

“This is cool!”

He liked it quite a lot.

Then he got distracted looking down the middle of it. He stuck his paw in there a few times, and it made me wish there was something in there that would pop up at him or that he could bat at.

I took it in to see what Willa thought.

First thing she did was look down in the middle. I repeat: wouldn’t hurt to have some sort of toy in the center. Or maybe I should toss a couple of treats in there for them to fish out.

She batted at the ball.

Stuck her paw down the middle.

Then started playing in earnest.

While Stefan snoopervised.

“You don’t touch, buddy. You hear me?”

She seemed to especially like the top track, I think because the ball rolled around the track super fast. I got a short video of her playing with it, with Stefan looking on.

YouTube link

So I’d say that it was a hit. I’ve left it in the foster room with Willa, and I can hear her up there in the middle of the night, playing with it like crazy. I’m looking forward to the time when I have a bunch of fosters in there, because I think kittens will have a blast with it.

The Petstages Tower of Tracks cat toy was provided to us free of charge in exchange for our (ie, the cats’, as interpreted by me) honest opinion. Thank you to Chewy and Petstages for letting us give it a try!


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12-29-16 Petstages Tower of Tracks #ChewyInfluencer — 23 Comments

  1. My guys would love that, although would probably crap themselves if something were to pop out the centre jack-in-the-box style!

    Maybe Dustin’s new name should be Mikey. He seems pretty chill with everything!

  2. I hope that was an affiliate link, because I just bought one for my cats. πŸ˜€

    I noticed the other day (but did not comment at the time) that Willa has fantastic cat pants!

    And as for keeping whats-his-name, ten is a nice, round number. πŸ™‚ Congratulations!

  3. I bought the triple track for my two 4-year old spayed females about 6 months ago. They played with it for 5 minutes and have never played with it again. They also didn’t play much with the brown play mat Ripple Rug with the holes in it nor many other toys I’ve bought. I think kittens and very young cats are more playful. Mine like the laser light and DaBird when I get it out of the closet.

    • It’s also personality. I have two ten-year-old cats who LOVE toys and are very playful. The third cat, the same age, has no interest in toys and lost interest in them back when she was about six months old.

      • My 18-year old Old Man Atticus still runs around like his pants are on fire, and loves playing with anything. Malcolm at 7 couldn’t care less, as a matter of fact, he’s afraid of the feather teaser. His favourite “toy” when he was a kitten was playing with poop. Yup. As soon as one of the other guys would drop a deuce after I’d left the apartment, he’d dig it out of the box, and go.to.town. Yeah. He outgrew that. Fortunately.

    • I agree with Maggie, I think it depends on the cat. Alice and Jake – who are 6 and 7 – still play like kittens every night.

      None of mine liked the Ripple Rug, either, and I couldn’t get the kittens I had at the time interested. Finally I got annoyed with all the space it took up and gave it to a friend!

  4. That toy looks super fun! I have a question though-well two-Would it be safe enough for a puppy to not destroy?, and how do you get to be a Chewy reviewer? I would love to do something like that and get free stuff all the time.

    • I would be leery of having one around a puppy – it’s made of plastic, and I think a puppy could chew it up pretty easily.

      Drop an email to svillegas@chewy.com if you’re interested in being a Chewy reviewer – I think you need to have a blog (or be a “social influencer” – I don’t know what that means, to be honest). They also have dog stuff to review!

  5. I wanted one of those but I knew I wouldn’t have any kittens and none of my cats will play with balls in tracks.. πŸ™

    Hey, you could name him The Cat with No Name..
    or Doctor..
    or Master.. wait, no..

  6. I think I might have to get that for Merry and Pippin. We have one of those track toys with the cardboard scratcher in the middle that they really like. So I’d think they’d like this one.

    We had a cat named Nouveau, French for new, because we kept calling her “the new one” while trying to figure out a name for her. I suggested Nouveau one day and it was like a light bulb went off. LOL

  7. My fosters kittens love this toy! When they were wee babies, they’d hide in the center hole (mine doesn’t have the bar across the middle) and pop out to scare each other. When they got bigger, they’d stick just their heads down the middle. (“Hellooooooo, is anybody in here?”) Now they just love to bat the balls around. Violently. πŸ™‚