12-28-16 Wednesday

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I have gotten all the holiday cards scanned in and posted at Flickr. You can see the album here, or scroll through them below.

2016 Holiday Cards Received

(I went and added the above to the post for Christmas Day, too, so that next year we’ll know where to find it!)

Those are the cards I’ve received thus far – I’m sure there are more cards waiting for me at the post office, and when I get them (I’m planning to go up there today), I’ll add them to that album.

THANK YOU, everyone who sent a card. You send the MOST beautiful, creative cards with the most thoughtful sentiments inside. You are THE BEST!


Dustin – or whatever his name is – thanks you all for your enthusiastic approval of his addition to the permanent resident roster.

“Am sleepin’. You go ‘way, lady.”

I guess he gets that pink bed permanently now!

For the time being we’re going to stick with the routine we’ve had with him for the past couple of weeks – Dustin will have the run of the house during the night, and will stay upstairs during the day. He’s 9 months old, and I’d like to put off the time where he discovers the back yard for at least a few months. I’m not sure that’ll be possible, but at least for now he doesn’t seem to mind the routine.

Jake is having a LOT of fun with Dustin – he likes to chase Dustin through the house. They thunder up the hall and across my room, then Dustin FLIES up to the top of the cat tree and sits there looking smug while Jake flops onto the floor. They rest for a few minutes and then Jake runs off with Dustin right behind. That’s what they were doing at 1 am the other morning, anyway – I suspect it happens more often than I know, since I sleep through pretty much anything these days.

We are closing in on a name, but haven’t decided for sure. We’ve mostly decided on Boudreau, I guess. For a brief shining moment yesterday I thought we were going to name him Tater Boudreau, but then Fred decided he didn’t like that, so. Boudreau on its own is… sigh. Fine. (But it lacks depth, in my opinion.)


Willa regards Stefan.

Willa gets all up in Stefan’s space, and Stefan is like “DO YOU MIND.”

There was a bit of the ol’ slappity-slap.

Then Willa flopped down and showed off her bare belly.

“I gave him the ol’ POW! Right in the kisser!”

“I’ll do it again if I have to!”

“I’ll GRAB him by the neck like this, and I’ll show him what’s what! I really will! He gots to know what’s what, and what’s what is I’m the boss, right? Right!”


“Hi, Dad. Is it snuggle time – what… whatcha doing, Dad?”

“DAD. Are you serious, Dad? DAD, COME ON.”


Poor Dennis. If he wasn’t such a perfect (and perfectly gorgeous) little model, I wouldn’t hat him so often. But I can’t help it – look at that gorgeous boy!


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12-28-16 Wednesday — 30 Comments

  1. Boudreau is my cats name. He was also homeless when I found him, a little black stray kitten, who I brought home “until I find him a permanent place to live”. 10 years ago and he’s still here. Main nickname is Baboo, but he has lots.

    Naturally, I think Boudreau is an excellent choice

  2. If you do Boudreau, you need to do it the Cajun way, with an “x” (“Boudreaux”).

    The legend is that folks who couldn’t read would have someone who could (usuallly a priest) write their name. The person would then “make his mark”–the x–at the end. Gradually, that became part of the name. Not sure how true it is.

  3. For some reason (and I honestly don’t know what it’s from, but it’s from a book, TV or a movie) but I ALWAYS hear Boudreau Boudreau Wilson. Anyone know where I heard it and why it’s stuck in my head?

    I like Boudreau – but for some reason I look at him and think “Lincoln”.

    Regardless of what he’s called, he’s a lucky little boy!

  4. You know cats always acquire additional names. He can be Tater Boudreau to you.

    As for the Cajun spelling of Boudreaux, my Kindle Fire defaulted to that.

  5. I like the previous poster’s suggestion of Baboo. It’s cute, and didn’t Sally call Linus her “Sweet Baboo (but she spelled it Babboo)” in the Peanuts cartoons?

  6. What about Damon? Or Zach? I don’t actually watch the Vampire Doaries but I googled “Stefan” and those looked like good sidekick names.

  7. Oh, also, in the naming theme: I was thinking yesterday that since Alice seems to like him then possibly his name should be either Fred or Ham since those are the only two things in the known universe that Alice-Mo loves!

  8. Our dog’s full name Poydras Boudreaux Thomas with that x there since we’re New Orleans Saints fans. And yes, when he’s in trouble he gets the full name hollered at him. hehe

    Tater Boudreaux is an excellent name.

  9. As a former resident of the New Orleans area, I greatly appreciate the appellation of Boudreau for Dustin. And I agree with those who have pointed out that it needs the “x” at the end to truly give it that Cajun flavor.

  10. Love the name Boudreau and definitely would add the “x”, very classy, especially when you are hollering, “Get over here, Tater Boudreaux!”

  11. My immediate thought was Tigger or Tig. Not exactly earth shatteringly unique, but he
    strikes me as a very sproingy tabby 🙂