12-27-20 Weekly Roundup

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Weekly Instagram/Facebook/Twitter/Tumblr Roundup.

Pretzel has a blep.

Time for comparison pics! Here’s Annie Oakley – top in mid-October, bottom in mid-December. Her eyes were still so light in that top picture!

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Fritter has a tussle with Uncle Charlie.

Eclair – top in mid-October, bottom in mid-December.

Good night innernets. (Uncle Charlie & Fritter)

The morning butt-biting is taking place currently.

Look who it is! Two different former fosters, all snuggled up. On the left is the former Onion Ring, who is now Freddie Purrcury. On the right is his big sister Piper, who was Dynamo (Ryder’s daughter) two years ago. It took a few days for Piper to decide Freddie was okay, but there has been grooming and playing. Even big brother Julius, who wanted nothing to do with him, has been tolerating him. Best of all, Freddie is a mama’s boy and a great big snugglebug. How sweet is that? SO SWEET. (Thanks, Katelyn!)

Since we saw an update on Freddie Purrcury – formerly Onion Ring – earlier, how about his comparison pictures?⁠ Onion Ring – top in mid-October and bottom in mid-December. He had such a little baby face back then!

We have an update on Hush Puppy and French Fry! He’s still Hush Puppy, and she is now Peppa (“due to the pep in her step and the way she zips around so fast!”)⁠

Cristina says: They are doing great! Big brother Oscar had a hard time at first but he is slowly adjusting to them- we even had some playing together last night! They are both very curious about their two human brothers’ activities and can be frequently seen running after them or even playing with their toys! They love hanging out under the tree! No mishaps so far!

Isn’t that wonderful? (I love that big brother Oscar is adjusting – I’m sure these little whippersnappers rocked his world!) (Thanks, Cristina!)

French Fry: top in mid-October, bottom in mid-December. Fabulous girl!

Hush Puppy: top in mid-October, bottom in mid-December. (Since he’s on the rug in both pictures, I was able to size them so that you can see just how much bigger he got in those two months!)

Fritter just ADORES slapping at Uncle Charlie’s tail. Uncle Charlie puts up with it well.

“Go to bed, innernets!” (Good night innernets!)(Pretzel)

Not inclined to roll their lazy little butts out of bed.

Do you recognize this sweet girl? That’s Alexandra, mama to the Mewsketeers! Katee said: “Callie (formerly Alexandra), adopted just under a month ago. She is fitting in wonderfully. She wanted to help me wrap some presents and then take a little nap with her big brother.” Don’t you love seeing that girl in her forever home? I sure do! (Thanks for letting me share, Katee!)

Tater Tot: top in mid-October, bottom in early December. (Reminder: you can follow Peri and her brothers on Instagram at sirbrinkleypickles )

Funnel Cake: top in mid-October, bottom in early December. I swear, they all had such baby faces when I first got them in October!

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Still da BAYbee.

Buffalo Bill: top in mid-October, bottom in early December. That sweater pic still just kills me dead.

Good night innernets. (Fritter, left, and Pretzel)

Wild Bill Hickok: top in mid-October, bottom in late November.

“Oh no! I’m late for my nap!” (Pretzel)

Snowcone: top in mid-October, bottom in early December. Those EYES. Reminder: you can follow Snowcone (now Charlie) and his sister Candy Apple (now Cleo) as well as their big sisters (both feline and human) on Facebook here.

Candy Apple: top in mid-October, bottom in early December. I am tickled pink that I got two pictures of her in the Tiny Basket! Reminder: you can follow Candy Apple (now Cleo) and her brother Snowcone (now Charlie) as well as their big sisters (both feline and human) on Facebook here.

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2-kitten clown car. They’re in no hurry to leave that crate – I half expected them to just stay in there and hang out.

Davy Crockett: top in mid-October, bottom in late November. Those big wide eyes!

Calamity Jane: top in mid-October, bottom in late November. What a cutie!

Good night innernets (yes indeed, they’ve taken over that bed on the kitchen table. Uncle Archie is pleased, as you can imagine.)

Pretzel’s getting ready for Christmas fun.

Look at Bunny, mama to the Fluffles (still at Michelle’s house)! Just hanging out on a bed… that’s still in the plastic. Because, I mean, why not? (That girl cracks me up!)

Look at sweet former foster Axel (Ryder’s kitten from 2 years ago.) Lisa said: “He was giving me some loving before we went to sleep last night. He’s such a sweet boy.” I swear, that whole litter is THE SWEETEST. (Thanks, Lisa!)

Fritter has turned into SUCH a little poser. ❤️

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Permanent residents Jake and Charlie have a bromance.

Uncle Charlie’s keeping Fritter warm while they wait for Santa to show up with the goodies.

Archie was our holiday card cover boy this year.⁠

Charlie Claus is in the house!

Fritter (left) and Pretzel are here in their holiday finery (well, Pretzel wouldn’t put up with wearing anything) to wish you a Merry Christmas!

Charlie’s dressed for dinner.

Pretzel’s the kitten in charge of making sure the Christmas lights work.

I do love a well-dressed kitten. (Fritter)

GOOD NIGHT INNERNETS! (Pretzel and Uncle Charlie)

One more shot of Pretzel and the lights.

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Rockin’ around (under) the Christmas tree. Despite his Resting Archie Face, Uncle Archie doesn’t mind the kittens all that much (until he does.) He’s been spotted playing with Fritter a few times.

After ignoring this box for the past week, Fritter suddenly decided it’s pretty cool.

Pretzel’s tail is approximately 13 miles long.

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Fritter gets a bath from Uncle Charlie, who cannot abide a dirty kitten.

Fritter will sleep like an angel on his Uncle Charlie bed.


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