12-27-18 Thursday

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First of all you’ll recognize this little attitudinous face.

That, of course, is LoJack, who is now Dino. He’s flopped over his big sister Coco. She’s totally putting up with it. It’s been 9 days. Coco doesn’t look like she’s entirely sure about this little brat flopping across her, but she’s also not sure it bothers her. Dino’s face is cracking. Me. UP.

(Thank you, Pamela!)


Second of all, Solenoid – now Grizabella – went home on Saturday. This was her on Tuesday.

I am dead, because in THREE SHORT DAYS that girl is totally enmeshed in her new home. Is that not the SWEETEST thing?

(Thank you, Megan!)


Thirdly of all, you’ll remember Nola‘s daughters Praline and Roux, sisters to Andre (formerly Andouille) and Bella (formerly Beignet.)

Catherine said:

Hope your day is full of purrs and snuggles. We have enjoyed a morning of watching Praline “help” open all of the presents and Roux inspect each box and bag to make sure they are properly emptied. We thought you would enjoy a Christmas picture of each of our sweet girls. Have a Merry Christmas!



(Thank you, Catherine!)


I didn’t take the kittens to Petsmart yesterday because I found out early that they would be going to a different Petsmart than the one I expected. The one they’ll actually be at is closer to me, and I opted to wait one more day because I had so much other stuff to do tomorrow.

The last couple of evenings, after the cat doors to the back yard are closed at dusk, we’ve taken down the barrier at the top of the stairs and let the kittens roam around the entire house. Naturally they think this is awesome and naturally some of the permanent residents find it less so.

Fred got out the Da Bird teaser, and everyone was very interested.

Newt got a little hissy when Pulley got in his space.

Then he was like “Ooh, is that a feather?!”

For an old guy, he can do a decent jump when he wants to.

Someone got a little too close, and Newt got hissy again.

Eye on the prize.

That Da Bird gave Cam the crazy eyes.

Pulley showing off her moves.

Three of the four kittens, five of the eight permanent residents.

Cam and Pulley colliding.

Fender’s got it! Pulley’s about to get it too.

The Sheriff (Kara) opted to stay out on the screened porch and watch disapprovingly through the door.


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12-27-18 Thursday — 12 Comments

  1. Look at how content they all are in their forever homes! It warms me up on this cold morning.

    Newtles, lol.

  2. That pic of LoJack/Dino and his new sister Coco is hilarious. The looks on both of their faces kills me.

    I love that you socialize all your kittens so well that when they go to their forever homes they have no concept of personal space. It’s like, “Hi new friend! We all piled together for naps at Weird Lady’s house so LET’S DO THIS!”

  3. Every post’s a story and this one has it all – Dino’s ‘yeah, I’ve got this handled’ tough guy face is certainly the lede, joy and jumpin’ with the whole fam is delightful, and Sheriff Kara’s Disapproving Boycott is the perfect punchline. Bravo and yay for all confident kittens!

  4. Great to see Lo-Jack with his big sister, and all the cats together leaping, and especially, Praline and Roux all grown up and SO beautiful as they enjoy the Christmas tree! Good updates indeed!

  5. It worries me how those two aren’t being accepted in their new homes. NOT!

    Thank you also Catherine for the alumni update.

  6. Love getting the updates! Praline and Roux look very content! I wonder if they have any of Andouille/Andre’s goofiness. Hope Mama Nola is doing well too!

    Dino (Lo-Jack) is cracking me up, still, with that face!

    Grizabella is an EXCELLENT name for Solenoid, and her sibs have great names too!