12-4-20 Friday

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I cannot believe it’s been three years since you all left Crooked Acres. Time flies!

I can’t believe it either! It doesn’t seem like we’ve been here nearly that long.


I see Pretzel has a little white locket. I had thought Davy was the only one with white. Do any of the other black kittens have white? (No reason, just curious)

Buffalo Bill has a small white locket, Hush Puppy and Fritter have a sprinkle of white fur on their chests, and Pretzel has a sizable white locket. Annie Oakley also has a white locket. (It would be lovely if I could illustrate this answer with pictures of the white lockets I’m talking about, but that hasn’t happened yet. Maybe soon!)


That crown bed is never going to be the same after all the time these kittens have spent crushing the sides down.

Funnel Cake needs a kiss.

Eclair’s keeping her toes warm.

French Fry in the sun. (I love the kitten-head shadows on the floor.)

I got out the laser light, and Annie Oakley went ::BOING!::

Then Hush Puppy went ::BOING!::

And then of course Pretzel went ::BOING!:: There was a lot of boinging, is what I’m saying.

Buffalo Bill checks to see what I’m doing.

Annie Oakley has a think.

Tater Tot’s making sure Funnel Cake is good and clean.


Old Man Jake is lookin’ old and wise. Well. Maybe just old.


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